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As the news became known, the exhibition EBACE-2017, which will be held in late may at the Geneva Palexpo, the American manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace for the first time will show the European public its newest business jet G500. Presented at the static display aircraft will have fully equipped passenger cabin.

Meanwhile, flight test program for the company’s Gulfstream G500 Aerospace smoothly coming to an end. As noted by the representatives of five flying prototypes (including a fully-equipped aircraft) have completed more than 600 test flights, holding in the air over 2600 hours. As previously announced in Gulfstream Aerospace, obtaining the type certificate for the G500 is planned for 2017 year and beginning of deliveries to customers — in the fourth quarter of the year 2017, ahead of schedule.

“Interior of the G500 was designed in close cooperation with our customers. It provides unrivaled and best in the industry level of convenience for passengers, “said Marc Burns (Burns), the President of Gulfstream. Since the presentation of the upgraded cabin G600 we received a lot of feedback. We took this feedback and additional information from customers when designing G500 ‘s Interior to make it as easy as possible for customers.

With a new design of seat is one of the elements, developed largely due to customer feedback. When you create these seats used innovative methods of design and ergonomic improvements to increase comfort and reduce fatigue.

The whole cabin adapts to the customer, and particular attention is paid to functionality. The aircraft is equipped with a nose and tail toilets and full-size onboard kitchen in the nose or tail. Galley can be additionally equipped with a steam oven, and is interchangeable with a mixer for drinks and a fridge that can be placed over the surface to expand storage space, or under it, to leave space on the table. The covering of a floor at the entrance, a kitchen and toilets can be run from a variety of materials such as stone and wood.

Salon G500 is divided into three passenger zone and is able to accommodate up to 19 passengers. Passengers can work, eat, relax and sleep on board.

While in the cabin, passengers stay connected through satellite communication systems and various options for a high-speed Internet connection, including broadband JetConneX broadband services in Ka-band. Salon equipment control system allows passengers to control lighting, blinds, temperature and entertainment systems using sensory devices.

G500 different industry money, the minimum height of the conditional in the salon and fully ventilation ventilation that improves mental activity and reduces tiredness passengers. G500 will be equipped with 14 panoramic Windows, providing plenty of natural light.

G500 refers to a new family of aircraft, G600 and G500, designed from scratch, and is currently undergoing flight testing. G500 airplane is able to cover a distance of 5000 nautical miles (9260 km) at a speed of Mach 0.85 or 3800 nautical miles (7038 km) at a speed of Mach 0.90. The aircraft is equipped with new engines PW814GA Pratt and Whitney Canada with superior fuel efficiency, fewer emissions and lower noise level.




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