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Gulfstream Aerospace declared that the Gulfstream G280 airplane has executed the most distant flight in the history.

On July 5 G280 piloted by its owner David McNeal, the founder and the CEO of producer of autoaccessories of the WeatherTech company has made non-stop flight on distance 7264 kilometers (3922 nautical miles). The airplane with two crew members, including McNeal, Chicago/Aurora in the State of Illinois brought four passengers to the airport of Wal-de-Luar of the city Round in France from the airport. The flight made with the average cruiser speed of 0,80 Moves has taken 7 hours 40 minutes. G280 has landed with the fuel reserve exceeding the requirement of the instrument flight rules of National association of business aircraft.

“This run emphasizes ability of G280 to make distant flights and its outstanding fuel efficiency”, – the senior vice-president of the direction of international sales and marketing of Gulfstream Scott Neil (Scott Neal) has told. “We are very glad that owners of our G280 can make such non-stop flights by this best airplane in the class. It is one more example of how the Gulfstream airplane surpasses expectations of buyers”.

Flying range of G280 which has set up more than 50 records of speed for couples of the cities makes 6667 km (3600 nautical miles) at a cruiser speed 0,80 Moves. The airplane is equipped with two Honeywell HTF7250G engines, each of which provides draft 7624 pounds. These engines lift G280 on height of 13 106 m (43 000 feet) approximately in 20 minutes and differ in the lowered noise level and emissions, and also the prolonged maintenance rate. Besides at this airplane the best passenger cab for the class with 19 huge illuminators equipped with entertaining systems of a high definition and showing the noise reduction, best in the industry.

“We have considered a set of supermid-size airplanes, but G280 the flight technical characteristics, comfortableness, safety, fuel efficiency and flying range has considerably exceeded our most courageous expectations”, – McNeal says. “In this flight we as experiment directly from Chicago have risen with the maximum take-off weight up to the maximum passport height of the airplane in 45 000 feet, and its speed never fell lower than 0,80 Moves. As one of the few owners who pilot the G280, I with pride declare that our investments into this airplane have brought still big dividends, than we expected”.

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