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Aircraft Builder Gulfstream Aerospace announced business aircraft discontinued G450 heavy grade. The last SUN will be handed over to the customer at the beginning of 2018 g. In future, the company will focus on the release of more modern business Jet G500 .
Production is carried out G450 more than 10 years Together, Gulfstream handed customers worldwide with more than 870 SUN this model earlier in Gulfstream Aerospace have already reported about reduction of the rate of production of this aircraft type in the run-up to the release on the market model G500 After the cessation of production of company sales will continue G450 support and maintenance operators.
As previously reported, the G500 certification is planned for 2017, and the output of the machine on the market is planned for 2018, flight test programme involve five prototypes. The fourth plane fulfilled the first transatlantic flight in June, while the fifth SUN is fully equipped. Today prototypes flew more than 1600 h. In addition, the already released and Simulator for training on this type of aircraft. It is used in the FlightSafety International Training Centre, located in the American city of Savannah.
We remind that the G500, able to accommodate up to 19 passengers, will be equipped with dashboard Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck equipped with a 10-screen terminals. on the top and the main panels of devices, that will provide access to aircraft management, flight control, communication, check-lists, etc. (touch screen will replace traditional multifunction input devices and display on the central console, providing input in FMS via the keyboard or the side buttons). In addition, the aircraft will be equipped with as standard and optional equipment, another innovation from Advanced Technology — 3D-cards modern airports.
As a powerplant for the G500 selected engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA and the wing is designed in such a way as to improve the performance of SUN and make it more economical in terms of fuel consumption range SUN 9200 km when the speed will be 1040.4 km/h and the speed 1101.6 km at 7038 km/h. maximum flight speed will be within 1132.2 km/h.
In the past month, the American manufacturer announced the imminent cessation of the production of another of its old-model Business Jet middle class G150 .




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