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Growth of orders and sales for the Airbus A330 NEO airliners

The program for modernization of the Airbus A330 airliner has been adopted in 2004, the company has decided to create modification of the liner capable to compete on the international airlines with Boeing 787.

In 2014 the development of new modification of the liner which has received the name Airbus A330 Neo is begun. The new A330 Neo model has to strengthen Airbus positions in the market of medium-range widebody aircrafts, but also marks deepening of split between the European and North American space concerns. More close ties to Boeing and General Electric Aviation honey, and also Airbus and Rolls-Royce with strengthening of ties due to deliveries on a set of in common carried out projects were formed.

As expected, the Airbus company continues to complete the Airbus A330 Neo airliners with the Trent 7000 engines developed by Rolls-Royce, the Airliner completed with new engines has to provide economy of fuel of 14%, in comparison with the previous model.

Development of the A330-900 Neo model which has to come to airlines in the 4th quarter 2017 is in parallel conducted. According to the production program all previous models of A330 family, will be replaced with A330-800 Neo and A330-900 Neo. New models possess high range of flights and will be able to serve more than 90% of all routes, including 75-80% of long-haul routes lasting flights up to 8 watch.

On new models of airbuses in the course of modernization engines will be replaced, the area is increased and the shape of wings is changed, new poles of engines are established and the cabin of pilots and avionics are updated.

Indicators of efficiency and energy consumption to honey the competing A330-800 Neo and Boeing 787-8, A330-900 Neo and Boeing 787-9 models, practically are in one range of characteristics. Airbus A330-800 Neo has flying range of equal 7450 km, 252 passenger chairs (the 36th business class and the 216th economy class), the take-off weight of 242 t, a reserve of fuel of 139.09 t. A330-900 Neo is equipped with 310 passenger chairs (the 36th business class and 274 economy classes) and to have the smaller flying range equal of 6200 km.

The economy of fuel of 14%, is reached due to use of more economic models of engines which give 11% economy and improvement of aerodynamics of the wings providing 3% improvement of an indicator.

The production capacities involved for assembly of liners of the A330 series allow to release 10 planes a month that doesn’t allow to execute completely all received orders from airlines yet.

The intense competition between two concerns, forces both companies to reduce production expenses without prejudice to quality of assembly. The Boeing company on development of the Boeing 787 model, has spent considerable financial means that is also complicated by a delay of putting into operation of an airliner for three years because of technical and production problems. The company needs to reach level of production of 850-1000 airliners before this model pays back all expenses.

The choice of aircraft engines of the Rolls-Royce company for completing of airbuses of the A330 series, indicates that territorial specialization of suppliers of the planes completing for production continues. The growing polarization of the leading American and European producers of engines and planes, is also looked through in production of the Airbus A340-500/600, Airbus A350 and Boeing 747-8, 777 and 777 X models and the tendency continues to go deep further.

The Airbus company is interested in competitive fight between GE and Rolls-Royce during creation of more economic and powerful engine, as occurred in the first phase of selection when comparing technical characteristics. Both engines have shown good results, but situation has changed at the second stage of selection when aspects of selection began to coordinate to financial expenses.

Experts note that the GE company couldn’t find arguments in own favor, against Rolls-Royce offers. It has been recognized as more expedient, to assign production of aircraft engines for A330 to the Rolls-Royce company, considering the existing program of production of aircraft engines Trent XWB for A 350.

The forecast of experts for purchase of airliners and plans of the Airbus company to sell more than 1000 planes of the A330 Neo series till 2030, and at stabilization of an economic situation in the world – 1500 units of aircrafts became the key moment. Forecasts of experts concerning the Boeing company, are much more modestly.

Air Lease Corp company. I became the first client who has signed the contract for delivery of 25 Airbus A 330-900 Neo planes which have to be received by the buyer in 2018.

Some other the companies, such as AirAsia, Lufthansas have concluded agreements on delivery of airliners. The general purchase order of the A330 liners of the AirAsia company makes 51 planes.

The CIT and Avolon company, practicing delivery of airliners for rent, have signed the agreement on deliveries of 15 planes of the A330 Neo version, everyone. Experts assume that within 20 years airliners of the A330 Neo series, will be able to occupy 25-35% of the potential market with total of planes in number of 4000 units. Transport aviastreams, especially in Asia, will demand high-capacity airliners, the passengers optimized for transportation on routes of average range soon.

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