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American Greenpoint Technologies (part of Zodiak Aerospace) has signed a contract to refurbish two “green” Boeing 787 in VIP configuration (we are talking about Boeing and Boeing 7878 7879). Customers ‘ names and dates of completion has not been disclosed.
Brett Neely, Executive Vicepresident of Zodiak Aerospace, said: “one of the main advantages of Greenpoint over competitors is our good preparation. When Boeing 787 only appeared on the market, it caused a lot of fear, as a completely new and unknown machine. But Greenpoint has invested sufficient resources in order to be well acquainted with this model, and as a result was completely ready by the time the first customer wrote to us with a contract for the creation of an Interior for this aircraft.
For Greenpoint Technologies-this is not the first project customization Drimlajnerov. The company has already donated two cars to private clients and working on a liner to the head of the South Korea. All works are carried out in-house in Kirkland, Washington.
Greenpoint Technologies is the Boeing Business Jet Service Center s and there is a turn-key execution of internal modifications. To date, Greenpoint has created a number of interiors of various models of Boeings, including 787, 7478s, 737, 747, 757, 737, 727, etc.
Recall that in mid-2014 year Zodiac Aerospace, a French company, graduated from the legal registration of the transaction to acquire the largest u.s. provider of Interior and service business jets picking Greenpoint Technologies. One of the latest innovative solutions company-Aeroloft System for the Boeing 747. Aeroloft System technology will increase significantly the area of the Salon through the use of the space between the upper and main decks of the aircraft.
Boeing 787 Dreamliner-liner called dreams and VVIP BBJ 787 truly earned the title of DreamJet. Range of flight of the new airplane lounge is 16000 miles. He is able to fly non-stop over 17.5 hours at Mach 0.85, the company noted.
History of BBJ Dreamliner started in November 2013 year when Boeing rolled out of the final assembly shop in Seattle the first Boeing 787 in VIPkonfiguracii intended for Abu Dhabi Amiri Flight Presidential Flight Authority (registration number A6PFC), which carries out the transport of the first persons of the U.A.E..
Currently, the portfolio of orders for BBJ787 consists of 15 aircraft, six of which are delivered to customers and four are in operation.




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