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The Gulfstream Aerospace company declared receiving by flagman Gulfstream G650ER of approval of the European agency on aviation safety (EASA) on performance of private flights. The certificate recognizes that the business jet shows compliance to the European airworthiness standards and environmental protection. It is one of the last documents necessary for registration of G650ER and performance of private operations in the countries of the European Union.

“When G650ER has been put into operation, it has given additional opportunities and big flexibility for performance of flights”, – Mark Burns, the president of the Gulfstream company says. “The airplane can connect without landings a set of the cities in the world that in turn provides ampler opportunities for our clients. This certification means that more clients will be able to take advantage of this business tool”.

About G650ER, more long-range G650 version, it has been declared on May 19, 2014. He has received the certificate of type of the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA in October, 2014, and deliveries to clients has begun in a month. G650ER can fly almost with sonic speed, 0,925 Moves. At 0,85 Moves it can transport passengers on 7500 nautical miles / 13890 kilometers, and at 0,90 Moves – on 6400 miles / 11853 km. At a speed of 0,90 Moves the airplane can reach from Geneva to Los Angeles in a little more than 11 hours, and from London to Singapore – less than in 12 hours.

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