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First router router two SDR SD WiFi Hub and service SD GlobalVT were integrated into a single system to provide aircraft integrated satellite communication. Installation on Board of the Airbus ACJ320 was carried out by the Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) in Toulouse (France).

Recently submitted by SD WiFi Hub is a wireless access point, which when installed together with router shirokofjuzeljazhnoe SDR per aircraft significantly expands the possibilities of communication and improves its quality, allowing you to use Internet for phone calls via Global VT.

WiFi access points Hubs provides additional interfaces, simplifying the installation process and improving the quality of WiFi coverage in the cabin. In addition, WiFi Hub supports different media products with high resolution and application for all passengers, eliminating gaps in network coverage through the provision of additional data transfer speeds around the cabin up to 900 MB/s using two radio frequencies, 2.4 and 5 Ghz 802 .11n. WiFi Hub, whose height is only 1 inch is a small and lightweight form factor in the aviation industry, which also facilitates the ease of installation.

SDR provides an opportunity to enjoy a full range of efficient services SD for the aircraft, including the GlobalVT service, which allows passengers to use their smartphones with a personal phone number during the flight. SD products provide optimum performance of smartphones, laptops and tablets during the flight. Passengers can make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and emails, connect to the Internet and use the streaming-all these features are often required in corporate aircraft.

“We see that the demand for our products is growing both for narrow and wide-bodied air liners. Clients choose SD not only thanks to the operational qualities and reliability of our products, but also because we provide ongoing technical support. Many passengers rely on communication during flight, so it should be stable and reliable. With this acquisition the Airbus no doubt will satisfy those needs at the highest level, “said Chief Commercial Officer SD Chris Moore.




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