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The French company Onera was engaged in development simple in steering and navigation of the electric Ampere plane. According to plans of the company, in the next several weeks blowing-off will begin tested plane models in a wind tunnel in Lille in France. They will allow to check aerodynamic configuration of Ampere which is planned to be equipped with 32-40 electric fans.

Projects of electric aircraft are very popular with developers today. One of merits of such equipment is big freedom when designing. The matter is that electric motors can have any sizes, and it lifts some limits for their seating on a glider.

Besides, use of electric pull-rod partly simplifies design of aircraft. For example, the refusal of internal combustion engines (jet or piston) saves from need to project fuel and oil systems. At last, electric planes and helicopters are considered safe from the point of view of ecology.

The project of the new electric Ampere plane assumes seating of 16-20 electric fans on front edges of extension housings of a side panel. At the same time the air flows created by electric fans have to pass on the top surface of extension housings of a side panel, “sticking” to them thanks to Koand’s effect.

According to predesigns, Koand’s effect will allow to increase upward force of a side panel. The matter is that at take-off and in flight the speed of an air flow over a side panel thanks to fans will be higher, than under it. It will also lead to increase in upward force of a side panel. Today Koand’s effect is used, for example, in the An-72 military transport planes at which the side panel is blown by a stream of jet engines.

The new electric plane will be able to gather speed to 500 kilometers per hour, and duration of its flight will make about two hours. It will be simpler to pilot Ampere, than the regular light plane, thanks to the special software. Besides, aboard the plane will install navigation equipment with the simplified graphic display.

It is expected that Ampere will be more silent than regular light planes. The matter is that small electric fans will publish more high-frequency noise, than ordinary aviation engines. Such noise will quickly lose intensity at distance. Small noisiness, in turn, will allow to use Ampere on runways in the city.

Will provide fans with electricity of 8-10 modules made of hydrogen fuel elements and lities – the ion rechargeable batteries connected in a supply circuit in parallel. According to Onera, such type of connection provides power redundancy, so does the plane safer. Ampere will be able to transport four people.

In May of the current year the completely electric plane was presented by the American company Aero Electric Aircraft. He received the name Sun Flyer. The plane is intended for initial training of pilots of civil aviation. Sun Flyer is equipped lithium – ion accumulators thanks to which can be airborne till three o’clock.

On the top plane of a side panel of the training aircraft solar batteries which in flight recharge accumulators are installed. In the mode of cruiser flight solar panels can provide up to 20 percent of the energy necessary for the electric motor. The take-off mass of the double training aircraft makes 1,2 tons.

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