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The French company Dassault has carried out blowing-off tests of the model of a business jet equipped with the wing optimized for a streamline flow and U-shaped tail plumage. As writes Aviation Week, tests were carried out in a transonic wind tunnel of ETW in Cologne in Germany.

The model in 1 to 14,7, equipped with pressure sensors, completely managed tail plumage and sensors of deformations took part in blowing-off tests. The model has been covered with the thermal sensitive paint changing color depending on heating. In general tests recognized successful, however their details are not specified.

Development of U-shaped tail plumage is conducted within the large-scale program of the European Union by Clean Sky. Such element of a glider represents the elevation rudders located at a small angle to the Earth’s surface on which tips perpendicular yaw rudders are located.

It is supposed that the U-shaped tail plumage will allow to reduce noise level, published by airplane at take off and landing. In particular, by calculations of engineers, elevation rudders will carry out in this case a role of screens of engines with an upper arrangement and to cut part of noise. Besides, it is supposed that such tail plumage will allow to reduce consumption of fuel in flight.

Dassault expects to carry out ground tests of the model of U-shaped tail plumage until the end of the current year. It will be established on a business jet of Dassault Falcon 7X. Tests will be carried out in the Romanian space studies institute of INCAS.

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