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Polish engineering company Metal Master is in the final stage of ground tests his personal Jet Flaris LAR1 and plans to raise in the air plane quintuple in the beginning of the second quarter.
“We still hold test on-board systems of the aircraft under the direction of the Polish Civil Aviation Authority, said company founder and project manager LAR1 Rafał Ladzinski. “But all ground tests should be completed by the end of March.
Metal Master engineers have recently completed the final test of the strength of the removable wing LAR1 that is considered to be one of the key features of the aircraft and testing of the pressure in the cabin is almost finished.
Introduced in the year 2013, the plane is considered the only projected outside United States odnodvigatel’nym Jet, which meets the requirements of the regulation Part 23. his only rivals in this segment are being prepared by Stratos 714 and Cirrus VisionSF50 last has already received significant advantage in December entered into operation and having a portfolio of more than 600 aircraft.
Metal Master plans to open orders on LAR1 value of € 1.6 million. ($ 1.7 million) After its first flight. Fully composite aircraft, which should be the first of a family of small aircraft, developed by the company, initially will receive the approval of the Polish Civil Aviation Authority on the part of S1 as an experimental aircraft. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2018, with the version that is certified according to European standard CS23 what’s going to happen two years later.




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