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The French Dassault Aviation received new certificates for the flagship 8 x from the aviation authorities of Brazil and the U.A.E., following the recognition of the FAA and EASA. Very soon the same certificate will be received and from Indian authorities. The first 8 x was delivered in October 2016 onwards and transmission customers now ready more than 10 machines. We are talking about customers from Brazil, the United States, Europe, U.A.E. and India.

Being derived from the Falcon 7 x, 19-seater Business Jet got extended to 1 m, 13-foot salon and range increased to 925 km-11945 km. He thus became the longest and long-range business jet of the French manufacturer. 8 x program was presented at the EBACE business aviation Salon-2014 in Geneva in may 2014 year, shortly after the announcement of the programme dvuhdvigatel’nogo Falcon 5 x. Business Jet equipped with an upgraded version of the Pratt and Whitney Canada engines PW307D (thrust on 5% more in comparison with PW307A at the Falcon 7 x). 8 x is equipped with redesigned wing super-efficient marketing tool from the Falcon 7 x. The design of the wing was upgraded to minimize the total resistance of the aircraft at cruising speed and reduce weight to 600 pounds. The wing also received an optimized profile and winglets. These improvements significantly increased lift and consequently improved the aerodynamics of the aircraft. The aircraft became less stable, which is good for aerodynamics, because the horizontal stabilizer with a smaller angle of attack is also a source of resistance. However, the relative instability easily offset by computer control system.

8 x capable of take off and landing on RUNWAY long 6000 feet (1829 m) and has a landing speed of 106 nodes/197 kph (Falcon 7 x-104). As the Falcon 7 x, the new aircraft is capable of steep visits with up to 6 degrees, which would allow him to land in difficult airports.

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