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Etihad Flight College (100% subsidiary of Etihad group on preparation of flight personnel) has received the first of the ordered Embraer Phenom 100E airplanes which will be used for preparation of own flight personnel. Delivery of the airplane is carried out within the contract signed in June of last year for four Phenom 100E airplanes and an option for three similar cars. The catalog cost of all airplanes (taking into account an option) makes about $30 million, and extreme deliveries are planned for 2017. Now the Etihad Flight College park consists only of single-motor screw airplanes (16 units).

According to the president and the executive director of Embraer Executive Jets Marko Tulio Pellegrini, Phenom 100E it was the ideal airplane for aviation schools thanks to high reliability, productivity and low cost of operation. In return, representatives of Etihad Flight College have noted that Phenom 100E optimum approaches under programs of flight training of cadets and will become “the modern flying school desk” for future pilots of Etihad Airways. Annually the college lets out about 120 new cadets.

Phenom 100 has been created by the Brazilian company Embraer and has for the first time risen in the sky on July 26, 2007. From the beginning of design of the Phenom 100 airplane before delivery of the certificate there have passed less than four years. At the beginning of design rated maximum flying range of Phenom 100 made 2148 km, during certification tests the size of 2182 km with 4 passengers and reserves of fuel on NBAA IFR has been received. For take-off with the maximum take-off weight the airplane needs a strip 953 m long, and the size of 1037 m appeared in calculations. Climb rate at the increased ambient temperatures has also surpassed calculated values. The landing distance by results of certification tests makes 823 m that is 92 m less than rated size. Equipped with two PW617F-E engines, the Phenom 100 airplane has also surpassed calculated values in fuel efficiency, for 3,6% on long routes. True airspeed was also higher than rated. The airplane is certified without restrictions, it is capable to fly day and night, in the conditions of frosting. On the noise level of Phenom 100 conforms to requirements of Chapter IV of ICAO. In the airplane completely integrated set of the aircraft radio-electronic equipment Garmin 1000 is established.

The airplane is designed for four (or six) passengers and provides the high level of comfort. The interior is executed in cooperation with engineers from BMW Designworks USA. An interior of a passenger cab and a collection of materials of which it is made have also passed certification. With the configuration capable to place up to six passengers (air taxi), Phenom 100 have a baggage compartment spaciousness in 1,6 cubic meters.

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