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The package of improvements Phenom Phenom ACE 100 from Embraer Executive Jets was submitted in August, and most likely, this is just the first step for the development of a programme to modernize fleet age of business jets from the Brazilian manufacturer. Jay Beaver, Vice President of Interior design company, told AIN update on forthcoming opportunities Embraer as well as unveiled program details Phenom ACE (Aircraft Customization by Embraer).

“Reducing weight for increased payload was to update the Phenom,” said Beaver. “We wanted to prove that we can combine the industrial design and weight requirements. Instead of just using more lightweight materials, developers have redefined their application and conducted 90-day brainstorming, analyzing all internal components except the critical nodes, certified crash tests.

Jay Beaver and his team also analyzed the client requests the Phenom in the search for a conceptual techniques for starting ACE proposal. “We are developing for the owner’s lifestyle,” said Beaver. “I found that many of our owners, male or female, first became very successful, and then learned to fly. For me it is the Cowboys, it is entrepreneurs, and this is the right stuff. Many of them also own rare and classic military aircraft in addition to the classic sports cars.

To transfer this spirit in the project, the designers drew inspiration from the buildings and machines, such as the Eiffel Tower, Pacific Coast Highway bridges built in the 1920 ‘s, as well as the Porsche 550 Spyder. “In this sense, the design was the three pillars of the exoskeletal and this is something that should be ACE: aircraft, cars and architecture” summarizes the Beaver.

The Phenom ACE This is expressed in the exposed parts of seats of polished aluminum, which implies strength and functionality. Everything that is covered in skin can be chosen from a large number of colors, textures and otstrochek. internal podiums, cabinets and drawers can be replaced with a lighter version of the traditional carbon fiber cabinets from nomeksa replaced with square drawers, consisting of carbon tube.

Owners can choose the level of integration and major components to update: chairs, cupboards or armchairs cockpit only. 80 lb. weight savings will lead to greater payload, range and/or flight time. For ACE also has racing-style coloring scheme.

The price of such modernization has not been disclosed, but Beaver believes that an update of this type must be no higher than 10% of the residual value of the aircraft, to be economic sense to the owner. (Old Phenom 100 is estimated in the region of just over $2 million.)

The Phenom 100, the oldest and smallest of the Embraer business jets, was the ideal candidate to run the program, ACE. But, according to Jay, the concept of the Biewer will reach its climax in his possible next incarnation-Legacy 450/500. “These aircraft have our DNA, they are leaders of the future,” he said. “DNA structures, sub-assemblies, hidden technologies is the path on which we walk. This allows you to have a timeless Interior. You can simply do a reformatting of the salon, if you aren’t going to spend millions on reengineering of on-board equipment cabin.

Beaver mentioned provided in cabins competitors LCD system control. “Although they are ergonomic, the fundamental issue is that after two or three years, LCD screens will turn into old technology. Let us prepare for the future now, when will the gesture-based management or the retina. We don’t need control of the dashboard. We bet on the future. Timeless interiors can grow together with the customer and never grow old.

The original interior of the Phenom family has developed Studio BMW DesignworksUSA. The world currently has some 350 aircraft the Phenom 100, half of which flies in the United States.

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