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Garmin Ltd., the global leader in satellite navigation, navigators and air navigators, announced that it is developing a revolutionary integrated cockpit for business jets Cessna Citation Excel/XLS. Garmin G5000 is designed specifically for Jet aircraft and crew combines dual multi-function touch control system (FMS), touch screen control aircraft systems and multi-display booths. These widescreen displays with touchscreen controls can give pilots more useful information and facilities management hands than ever before, such as the world weather, Garmin synthetic vision technology (SVT), electronic flight maps (maps for navigators) and much more.

“We tried to retain 25% of the market and are confident that our fully integrated cockpit, reviews and customer support, to exceed the expectations of aircraft manufacturers in this segment,” said Gary Kelly, Vice President of marketing. “Like other Garmin products, architecture designed for G5000 future growth and technology. Customers and aircraft manufacturers will be able to significantly expand the capabilities of the system in the future, often without requiring additional hardware.

High resolution screens G5000 12 inch or 14 inch flight data are designed to display (PFD) and other supporting information. G5000 is scalable, aircraft manufacturers can make their choice on a combination of displays.

Lanšaftno-oriented screens have multi-pane capable of displaying multiple pages to view side-by-side on any of the screens. Thus, pilots can view maps, charts, checklists and aircraft system, TAWS, TCAS, flight plan and weather.

The control system also includes three conventional controller at the bottom of the display: press the volume control knob, tethered to map the joystick and double concentric knobs for input. Pilots can use handles instead of touch input information and function knobs are always indicated on the display. G5000 includes iron, fully digital, dual autopilot and has the ability to provide traction machine.

G5000, as it is expected, will satisfy the requirements of NextGen (Next Generation for U.S. airspace) and SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research).

Cessna Aircraft is the first aircraft manufacturer, announced the selection Navigator G5000 for Citation business jets.

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer for the first time will introduce visitors and exhibitors-2016 its updated NBAA light business jets Phenom 100EV. Now the company is completing the programme of flight tests on the prototype naletav, more than 100 hours.

Thanks to a new on-board range Prodigy Touch based on avionics Garmin G3000, as well as modified engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E, the aircraft will get more speed with good Alpine and high takeoff and landing characteristics. Also the Phenom 100 EV will have a significantly higher rate of climb and 43 lbs large payload at a full load of fuel. Improvement of characteristics of the Phenom 100 EV is achieved through a combination of increased traction engines and reduce the weight of the airframe. New aircraft with an indicative cost of $ 4.495 million. will be released on the market in the first half of the year 2017.

Starting the customers became two companies, each with their own unique requirements. Mexican Across requires a business jet with a good performance at high temperatures and high mountains, and the Emirates Flight Training Academy, which recently updated its order for five Phenom 100E in favor of Phenom 100 EV, will receive modern aircraft for pilot training.

«Phenom 100 revolutionized the entry-level segment where he set new standards of comfort, performance and operating costs, “said Marco Tulio Pellegrini, President and ceo of Embraer Executive Jets. “The new Phenom 100 EV will be able to provide even better performance and operational capabilities, while maintaining low operating costs and maintenance costs.

According to Pelligrini, the market for business jets is yet entry-level “upside down”, but in the medium term, the company is confident that things will change, and customers will return. This is what justifies the investment in Embraer in the Phenom 100 EV. Currently operating more than 330 aircraft the Phenom 100.

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