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Embraer Executive Jets carried out the delivery of the first business jet Legacy 500 in Indonesia. Indonesian customer company PremiAir (also the operator has received new and Legacy 650). Legacy 500 business jet was the second of this type in Asia. The first operator in the region, the Legacy 500 is a Chinese Sparkle Roll Jet (received in January 2016 onwards).

Legacy 500 is a completely new development, and standardized to 95% with less Legacy 450. The aircraft is Pro Line Fusion Avionics company Rockwell Collins. In addition, it has a jelektrodistancionnuju control system (fly-by-wire). By the way, the Legacy 500 is the smallest airplane business class that has the EDCS. Practical flight range Legacy 500 with two pilots and four passengers on Board will be 3000 nautical miles (5500 km), maximum altitude is 45000 feet (13.7th. m), cruising speed is 0, 82 m. Maximum occupancy is two business jet pilots and 12 passengers. Catalogue value of Legacy is over 500 $19 million.

In the Salon of the Embraer Legacy 500 can accommodate up to 12 passengers, with standard Salon involves the installation of only eight seats, but, if necessary, the manufacturer can convert salon, which will make it possible to increase the number of passengers in the face no less convenient than in the case of 8. Design of the passenger compartment is designed by the manufacturer together with the American Studio BMW Group Designworks USA. Clients available, any of the four basic layouts, while authority may require furnish of Salon in accordance with your wishes. Configuration is possible with lounge area (c) mild 3-seat sofa. Catalogue value of Legacy is over 19 500 million. dollars.

American type certificate for the Embraer Legacy 500 was received in November 2014 year month after approval was granted to EASA. The first customer aircraft was delivered October 10, 2014 years. Chinese type certification was obtained in July 2015 year. The first plane got famous actor and filmmaker and part-time and Embraer, Ambassador Jackie Chan in February this year. Currently, the manufacturer put more 30-minute machines that operate in twelve countries.




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