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One of the leading global manufacturers of business jets, the Brazilian company Embraer reports about an upgrade of the popular product, a business jet of middle class of Legacy 450 which has appeared in the market in the summer of 2015.

The improved design covered, the team of developers could increase the maximum fuel reserve for one-time gas station of the airplane and by that to increase the maximum flying range of Legacy 450 more than by 600 kilometers. At the same time jet loading capacity – since 1350 to 1325 kg has been a little reduced. Also on the modernized Legacy 450 the updated system of avionics will be installed.

To increase flying range, the aircraft manufacturer will make “minor changes” to a wing design that will allow to fill the airplane big with fuel quantity. Changes will also concern avionics and the guide to flight exploitation of AF. At the same time since 1166 the distance, necessary for take-off, will increase to 1191 m, and the maximum loading capacity will decrease since 1350 to 1325 kg.

It has been decided to increase flying range at the request of operators of Legacy 450 which have wished to carry out transatlantic flights, the president of Embraer Executive Jets Marko Tulio Pellegrini has told. He has emphasized that expansion of opportunities of the airplane will not affect characteristics of the existing Legacy 450 version. In Embraer report that the catalog price of the updated business jet will not differ from the cost of basic modification and will make 16,57 million dollars.

Embraer Legacy 450 has received the certificate of National agency of civil aviation (ANAC) of Brazil in the middle of August of the current year. At the end of August and the beginning of September it was certified by aviau.S. authorities and Europe. Capacity of the car makes from 7 to 9 pass. As the aircraft manufacturer declares, Legacy 450 is the first in the class airplane with an electroremote control system (EDSU).

The prototype of a business jet has for the first time lifted in air in December, 2013. It should be noted that in October, 2014 Embraer already declared increase in flying range of Legacy 450: initially this indicator made 4259,6 km. Then at a business jet on 15 cm have extended salon.

As the president of Embraer Executive Jets Marko Tulio Pellegrini has reported, the made changes will not influence the business jet price (now the catalog cost of the vessel makes 16,57 million dollars), and an exit new versions on the market is expected in the second half of 2016.

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