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In the third quarter of this year, the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has transmitted its clients 25 business jets: one Phenom 100 Phenom 300, 12, two Legacy 650 six Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 four. Since the beginning of the year, the manufacturer sent his 74 clients business aircraft. The company is waiting for the results of 4 quarter, when traditionally supply aircraft to significantly grow.

For six months, Embraer Executive Jets delivered to customers against business jets 49 45 planes a year earlier. We are talking about 35 jets Phenom family and 14-minute Legacy aircraft/Lineage. As we have informed, that during the year 2015 manufacturer put 120 business jets: 82 38 Phenom and family “large” aircraft-Legacy 450/500/650 and Lineage 1000.

Embraer expects that during the 2016 year supply of large business jets (in the hierarchy of a company is a family Legacy and Lineage) increase compared to the year 2015, at least a third. This helps to increase the pace of issuing new Legacy 450 and 500. Also this year, the company expects to supply reduction light business jets.




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