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Expansion of plant on assembly of Embraer Executive Jets in the American Melbourne is officially complete. The ceremonial opening with participation of the governor of the State of Texas Ric Scott, senator Bill Nelson and the head of Embraer Executive Jets Marko Tulio Pellegrini has on this occasion taken place.

Works on expansion of the assembly line have begun in October, 2014 therefore the plant has grown almost twice. Now its area makes 124,600 sq.m that allows to make business jets of Legacy 450/500 and Phenom 100/300 in parallel. In June, 2016 the first completely ready business jet of Legacy 450 which fuselage, is already delivered from the main plant in San José-dus-campus will descend from the conveyor. At the first stage fuselages will be delivered from Brazil, and wings and tail plumage from plant in the Portuguese Evora. Now specialists of plant in Melbourne finish preparation in Brazil.


The first completely ready Legacy 450 will be transferred to the client in December of the current year. Two Legacy 450, and then two Legacy 500 will be until the end of the year collected at first. In the future the producer plans to make in Melburbe annually 96 airplanes of Phenom family and 72 Legacy. However, the Brazilian producer does not want to force events and at the first stage assembly will be “rather slow”. Next year will transfer to clients only four cars. And since 2018, the producer will significantly increase volume, however, according to representatives of Embraer Executive Jets, everything will depend on a final demand. As for airplanes of Phenom family, since July 1 all cars will be going to the USA.

Now five cars descend from the assembly line, until the end of the year the producer will come to six airplanes. And next year release of eight Phenom 100/300 monthly is expected. The company plans to engage in addition 600 employees, 50 specialists to join ranks of Embraer Executive Jets in the USA this year.

Deliveries of the business Embraer Executive Jets airplanes in the first quarter of the current year have included 12 light planes (11 Phenom 300 and one Phenom 100E) and 11 big airplanes (six Legacy 650 and five Legacy 500).

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