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As it became known to the news service, Embraer Executive Jets sent his private American customer the first light business jets Phenom 100 EV, which was announced in November last year. The second aircraft at the end of the month will receive a Mexican operator Across.

Thanks to a new on-board range Prodigy Touch based on avionics Garmin G3000, as well as modified engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F1-E, the plane got faster with good Alpine and high takeoff and landing characteristics. Also the Phenom 100 EV has a significantly higher rate of climb and 43 lbs large payload at a full load of fuel. Improvement of characteristics of the Phenom 100 EV is achieved through a combination of increased traction engines and reduce the weight of the airframe. The estimated cost of new Business Jet $4.495 million.

Starting the customers became two companies, each with their own unique requirements. Mexican Across requires a business jet with a good performance at high temperatures and high mountains, and the Emirates Flight Training Academy, which renewed the order for five Phenom 100E in favor of Phenom 100 EV, will receive modern aircraft for pilot training.

«Phenom 100 revolutionized the entry-level segment where he set new standards of comfort, performance and operating costs, “commented in the Embraer Executive Jets. “The new Phenom 100 EV will be able to provide even better performance and operational capabilities, while maintaining low operating costs and maintenance costs.

According to the Brazilian manufacturer of business jets market entry level is “upside down”, but in the medium term, the company is confident that things will change, and customers will return. This is what justifies the investment in Embraer in the Phenom 100 EV. Currently operating more than 340 aircraft the Phenom 100.

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