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Aeris Aviation, an independent European distributor Eclipse 550, hopes in July 2014 year run the program share ownership for this ultra-light Business Jet and start an active operation in the framework of this programme, in the first quarter of the year, after 2015 European certification of six-seater aircraft.

The program Initially will be distributed in the UK and then across Europe. “We spent some time to develop this concept and create a customer base. Now we are interested in the program. We’re just waiting for approval of the regulator to start work, “said founder and ceo of Aeris David Heyman.

In accordance with the terms of the scheme, EA550 worth $2.9 million will be “split” from two to eight shares. Per aircraft will be managed by the newly established company, and they will fly under certificate operator Cardiff Aviation. This training engineering company of St. Athanasios, Wales belongs to the President of the Aeris Bruce Dickinson.

“We’ll take money only on a fixed cost-management, fuel, crews, airport taxes. And when the plane will not be used by the owners, we can offer it for commercial Charter flights, which will help offset some of the cost to our customers, “says Heyman.

The owners are divided into regions, starting from London, Central Britain, and ending with the Aberdeen and Scotland. “Eventually we will extend the offer in cities and regions across Europe,” says Heyman.

According to the founder of the company, the program will be of interest to corporations and wealthy individuals who see the advantages of flights on private jets, but did not want to buy a business jet. “This program will reduce the barrier property in business aviation and make private flights available to many more people,” concludes Heyman.




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