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The American company ONE Aviation appointed Jinggong General Aviation With the exclusive distributor Eclipse 550 planes in China. As noted in ONE 11-year-old Aviation history of the Chinese partner and experience with other producers (Cirrus and Mahindra Airvan) will allow Eclipse learn faster 550 “in the Chinese market,” Besides the prerequisites to this abound. In addition to sales of the Chinese partner will undertake maintenance and training.

According to the leaders of Jinggong General Aviation Co, Eclipse 550 very timely came into the Chinese market, which is now experiencing rapid growth in the segment of small private planes. «Eclipse now 550 is in production, and now he is the only flexible and easy Jet, which cost below $3 million, which makes it affordable for many categories of consumers, “the company said. In the future, Jinggong General Aviation co. plans to sell VLJ and in some neighbouring countries.

Eclipse 550, which experts attributed to a class of ultra light business jets, is a revamped version of 500th model, with a host of modern improvements, refinements and modifications that resulted in separate models. Its development took place in the beginning of the year 2010, but the program was phased out. But early in the year 2013 the first finished model plane was presented to the public. Immediate changes in aircraft design Eclipse 550 compared to the base model has not, however, the model became more sophisticated and is equipped with modern on-board equipment.

American aircraft powerplant Eclipse 550 is represented by two turbofan engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F, enabling speeds up to 694 km/h Range with five passengers and one pilot is up to 2084 km.

Also in the Chinese market One Aviation will offer and Total Eclipse (Eclipse EA500 unrealised upgraded). Total Eclipse Eclipse Aerospace was announced in 2010, after the acquisition of Eclipse Aviation. This purchase also included about 20 unfinished or with a slight touch of EA500 and were subsequently upgraded. After receiving a new avionics and antiobledenitel’nuju system, they became known as Total Eclipse. Now all this fleet, along with a small amount of EA500 will, after modernization, renamed Special Edition. At a price of $2.2 million, this version will receive a dual flight management system Avio, pritivojuzovuju brake system dashboard with backup displays, new interior and a two-tone color scheme. Each aircraft will come with a guarantee of three years.




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