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For four months the program Eclipse 500 PLUS more than 60 owners decide to upgrade their planes. According to the company, all of these orders will be completed in year 2014. In the future the program Eclipse 500 PLUS will remain open for all aircraft equipped with the integrated flight control system, IFMS (Integrated Flight Management System).

Eclipse Update Package 500 PLUS gives you the ability to dvuhdvigatel’nogo owners of ultralight aircraft with avionics package IFMS get technologies developed for the model Eclipse 550. The available functions include automatic electric traction, anti-lock braking system, high resolution displays, the new windscreen glazing and an improved air conditioning system. the package of Eclipse 500 PLUS also facilitates further modifications, including the installation of a synthetic system and improved vision and support equipment advanced systems and security.

“Response to the modernization program has become widely expected excellent,” said Ken Ross, President of Eclipse Aerospace, global sales and service. «Eclipse took a revolutionary approach to the support of our customers, enabling them to keep abreast of technological advances and get 500 in Eclipse the latest improvements and functions that are applied to our new serial aircraft. Our customers see the value of upgrading to the latest configuration, which improves their experience and keeps the market value of the aircraft. The fact of the matter is that 500 PLUS program will allow in the future to get even more features that makes this program even more valuable.




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