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The Honda Aircraft company after obtaining certificates of FAA and EASA, and also starting deliveries, continues to pursue active marketing policy on an entry into the new markets. And if in North America at the company the situation is rather well and, the most important, is predicted, then work in the market of the Old World only begins. Creation of a dealer network on sales and service of the airplane in Europe became the first step on an exit to the European space. Now their three: for northern Europe Marshall Aviation, is responsible for the South – Tag Aviation, and for the Central and Eastern Europe – Rheinland Air Service. And now Honda Aircraft has undertaken Russia. As the Vice-president of the company Simon Ruds has told BizavNews, Honda Aircraft has decided on the Russian representative and soon will officially report about assignment of the dealer in Russia and the CIS countries.

This year the producer will deliver to clients 44 aircrafts, and next year Honda Aircraft will reach level in sixty airplanes. Until the end of the year business jets will be received only by customers from North America, the European clients will begin to receive new airplanes since the first quarter 2017 (now in Europe two HondaJet). Now the slot on receiving the new airplane – the fourth quarter 2017. Total portfolio of orders exceeds a mark in hundred airplanes. About 75% of all orders are the share of the North American market, including Mexico.

As for “price label”, now clients I sign contracts at the prices of 2016 – that is $4,85 million, and since 2018 cost will make $4,95 million. The client receives the airplane with very good complete set for this sum.

As Mr. Ruds tells, the company already begins consultations with the Russian aviation regulators regarding certification of HondaJet in our country. As soon as the first airplane is sold and the client will wish to register it in a prefix of “RA”, process of certification will be started in the turbo mode. And most likely, long it is not necessary to wait for it.

According to Mr. Ruds, the capacity of the Russian market in medium-term perspective is evaluated by marketing specialists of the company in three-four cars a year – and it is the plan which should be executed. Though in Honda Aircraft calculate perspective, proceeding from twenty-year plans, and here Mr. Ruds is confident in success in the Russian market.

As for competitors, Mr. Ruds yours faithfully speaks of colleagues from Cessna Aircraft (Citation M2) and Embraer (Phenom 100), however notes a number of important marketing pluses. “The economy of the airplane is rather attractive. If in digits, then the jet is more effective than schoolmates for 17%. the cost of flight hour (fuel and program assignments) makes $1100 and additional expenses will not be. The airplane is not whimsical at operation, comfortable range in 2265 kilometers is sufficient for flights even in Russia. And innovations, and HondaJet a continuous innovation, what is necessary now for the client. At such cost and a complete set of HondaJet the optimal solution”.

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