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One-time costs.

The purpose of this section is not definition of the income or losses (expenses) at operation of the Aircraft, and structure of expenses and extent of influence of articles of costs of the general expenses on purchase and operation of the Aircraft, and approximate calculation of prime cost of flight hour of the Owner.

To gain an impression about that, how much for use of the Aircraft by the Owner it is necessary to understand accurately structure of the forthcoming costs of purchase and operation of the plane.

Carry all expenses which were incurred by the Owner at the time of customs cleaning of the Aircraft to one-time costs:

marketing services of the consulting company in selection of the plane and choice of the operator;
plane additional equipment (avionics, kitchen, video and audio-equipment, satellite communication system, tableware, etc.);
purchase of the navigation software and the special computer equipment for pilots.
search and training of personnel;
registration and statement under a flag of the operator; Expenses on purchase, contents and business Jett’s exploitation are divided into the following groups:
one-time costs;
the variable expenses depending on the number of the performed flights and geography of flights;
constant expenses which the owner incurs regardless of intensity of flights;
acceptance of the Aircraft, including travel and transportation costs;
costs of flight of the Aircraft from the plant in the airport of basing;
costs of customs cleaning;
Why this time interval is chosen for reference on it one-time costs? Answer very simple: after customs cleaning all procedures of preparation of the Aircraft for flights are complete. Traditionally after customs cleaning the Owner makes the first flight.

Direct variable expenses

There is a practice of division of direct variable expenses two look:

the operational, consisting of cost fuels and maintenance operation of the plane;
the operating rooms connected with air navigation providing, land service and food.
Further we will return to specification of variable expenses, and in this section we will consider them in general.

Why expenses “direct”? Because they treat directly flights which are performed by Aircraft. It is necessary to pay attention that direct variable expenses belong on the concrete performed flight or flight hour depending on the calculation purpose. Why expenses “variable”? Because their size directly depends on the general raid of the plane.

It is clear, that the more the plane flies, the more it spends aviation fuel, greases and liquids which cost belongs on fuel cost. The more the plane carries out flights, the more it is necessary to pay for ANO. At the same time, the flights are shorter, the more it is necessary to pay as flight cost around any airport is higher (sometimes many times), than in free air echelons. It is quite natural as traffic density in a zone of aviation knot in tens and hundreds of times is higher, than in airspace. Costs of land service of flight, the plane and passengers (handling) — also grow with increase in intensity of flights. The list of some the hendlingovykh of services is given below in the following table. From the list it is visible that by means of handlers practically all are ordered services, necessary for flight performance — from express mail before filling of the plane with fuel, from washing of ware before obtaining permission to a departure.

  • List hendlingovykh of services
  • Loading/delivery of food and equipment
  • Land obsuzhivaniye (Handling assistance)
  • (Equipment & Catering loading)
  • “Follow me” car Hotel (Hotel Show)
  • Loading of non-standard baggage / freights
  • The parking in a hangar (Hangar parking)
  • (Non-standard luggage/cargo loading)
  • Air navigation in a zone of the airport (Terminal air navigation)
  • Drinking water (Portable water)
  • Administrative expenses (Administration fees)
  • Notam-Weather
  • Airport collecting (Airport charges)
  • Accessories to a dream (Sleeping accessories)
  • Vnukovo-3 bar of Tamozhnennaya duty (Customs assistance)
  • Booking of hotel (Crew hotel booking)
  • Transportation across the platform (Crew apron Transportation)
  • VIP hall (VIP lounge)
  • Transport (Crew a/p — hotel transport)
  • Filling with chemical liquid (Lavatory service)
  • Flight plan
  • Fuel uplift
  • Organization of a handling (Handling arrangement)
  • Rote/Schedule change
  • Storage fees
  • Communication collecting (Communication fees)
  • Express visa (Express visa)
  • Consular fee (Crew visa consular charge)
  • Obtaining permission (Permission assistance)
  • Washing of ware (Dish washing)
  • Permission to flight (Permission arrangement)

Direct constant expenses

Direct constant expenses don’t depend on intensity of flights and are caused by need of ensuring constant readiness of the plane for a departure. They consist from:

expenses on crew of the plane (salary, training and extension of certificates, accommodation, daily allowance, communication expenses and transport);
remunerations of the operator for the organization of flights and maintenance operation;
updates of the software of navigation charts;
the parking or hangar storage at the airport of basing at private operation;
In case of exclusively private operation of the plane with offshore registration expenses on airline and the salary of crew can be a little cut, but the long parking of the plane at the airport of basing will become the considerable item of expenditure.

We will consider in more detail structure of direct constant expenses.

Costs of crew. Regardless of how often VS it is used for flights of the Owner, it has to be in constant readiness for flight, or, depending on the strategy of its use, be given in a charter. In either case crew of the plane (two pilots and the stewardess) are in a condition of “constant readiness” or, just speaking, work. The second change of flight crew has a rest at this time. As a rule, change of crews is made every two weeks or, at a big raid, at approach of “duty time”, that is time when by aviation rules pilots have to leave on rest. Therefore in the state at the same time there is an aircrew from 4 pilots, 1–3 stewardesses, and also the engineer who carries out linear (current) service of VS. In more detail about search, the organization of work and payment of aircrew — in the section on personnel.

Remuneration of the operator for control of airplane is a part of constant expenses. In more detail about it in the section “Choice of the Operator”. For calculations we will accept remuneration of the operator according to the following data which consist of the following articles:

  • costs of steering (management fee);
  • costs of technical supervision and organization of maintenance operation of the plane (maintenance administration fee);
  • commission of management company for the organization of commercial flights.

Depending on the chosen operator and system of mutual settlements with it, the annual sum of the commission and remuneration of the operator can make from 200 to 600 thousand euros and more.

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