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The ASL and JetNetherlands companies working at the market since fall of 2014 under the JetNet Alliance Group brand started operation two new business jets, productions Cessna Aircraft (enters into Textron Aviation). Also XLS+ is about the Citation Sovereign models +. As comment in the company, Citation XLS + will be based in Antwerp (here too zabazirovana of Cessna Citation XLS + and Cessna Citation Excel). Within several days the aircraft will be brought in the certificate of the operator of ASL and will begin flights. The plane belongs to the individual, but will be available to commercial flights.

Cessna Citation Sovereign + was received on October 1 and забазирован in Eindhoven. It is the second plane in the company park. The aircraft will be brought in the certificate of the operator of JetNetherlands. As well as Citation XLS+, Sovereign + is acquired by the private client and is available to performance of charter flights.

JetNet Alliance Group – one of the last projects of the European business carriers on association. Negotiations on interflow lasted over a year that indicates thorough training of joint strategy and plans for the future.

“After interflow expansion of own opportunities in Europe, optimization of resources and introduction of modern IT technologies became the main objective of partners. The existing reality in the European market of business transportations such is that small players are simply doomed, and their only rescue – combination of efforts”, – comment in JetNet Alliance Group.

After merging of the company still remain independent and about two certificates of the operator (Belgian and Dutch), however under the uniform JetNet Alliance Group brand continue to work. JetNet Alliance Group operates with the park from more than 30 business джетов with a capacity from four to twenty passengers (Beechcraft King Air 90/200/350, Piaggio Avanti, Cessna Citation Mustang, CJ1/2+/3, VI/VII, Excel/XLS+, Sovereign+, Falcon 2000, Challenger 605 and Legacy 600). Planes are based in the Netherlands and Belgium, including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Groningen, Antwerp, Kortreyk-Vevelgem and Brussels. The number of personnel of JetNet Alliance Group makes more than 100 people, including 65 pilots.

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