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Deer Jet, the company, largest in Asia, on rendering of services of business aircraft, will become the operator of the first-ever VVIP BBJ 787. It became known from the joint statement of Deer Jet and Boeing made within the European exhibition and conference on questions of business aircraft (EBACE).

The Boeing 787 model is called by Dreamliner – the dream liner, and VVIP BBJ 787 has really deserved DreamJet rank. Flying range of the new airplane of a business class makes 16000 km. It is capable to fly without stopping throughout 17,5 hours at number of the Move 0,85. Normal pressure of air in a cabin, fresh air and the area of salon in 220 sq.m provide extraordinary comfort of flight.

On the event for the press held by the Boeing company on May 22, Mr. Denzil Whyte (Denzil White), the president of division of Deer Jet – Hong Kong Jet – has noted: “VVIP BBJ 787 is the most high-quality airplane of a business class in the world. Emergence it as a part of our fleet shows the powerful potential of Deer Jet”.

Zhang Peng (Zhang Peng), the chairman of the board and the president of Deer Jet, has declared: “Over the past few years our strategy formulated as “focus on quality of customer service” not only has allowed us to expand a circle of new customers, but also has given us the chance to lift standards of customer service on new level. In spite of the fact that BBJ 787 is for us absolutely new model, we are completely capable to exploit her and to guarantee the maximum convenience to our clients. At the same time we together with HNA-CAISSA Touristic Group will develop individual programs of travel with use 787 BBJ to give the chance to a bigger circle of people to try on ourselves all beauty of high quality tourism under the order. 787 BBJ will become for us new incentive for development”, – Zhang Peng has noted.

Today Deer Jet has 90 airplanes of a business class, including four BBJ, and it means that the company possesses extensive experience in operation of airplanes of the Boeing business liners. The well-known tourist brand of HNA group of companies – CAISSA Touristic – has also in the last two years entered the market of luxury individual tourism and has won considerable success in this sphere.

In the last two years of Deer Jet shows high rates of development. For optimization of the network the company has founded Deer Jet subsidiaries (Beijing), Deer Jet (Shanghai) and Hong Kong Jet and cooperates with Gulfstream and Dassault Aviation for improvement of quality of technical maintenance. Besides, the company has also created the Honor Aviation Support system and has opened eight complexes of business aircraft across all China. In 2015 the share of domestic market belonging to Deer Jet has increased up to 70%, and the percent of the international hours of a raid has exceeded 50%. Besides, the jury of World Travel Awards (WTA) has awarded the companies a rank “The best world charter of private airplanes” that has promoted further increase of reputation of Deer Jet in the market.

The company exists 21 years and is full subsidiary HNA Group – the corporation entering the Fortune Global 500 list. Deer Jet has laid the foundation of the industry of business aircraft of China and still remains the pioneer in the market. Realizing the concept of creation of a brand of business aircraft of a world class, Deer Jet takes powerful steps to expansion of the international network of service and transformation into the global titled operator of business reactive airplanes.

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