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Dassault Aviation will take part in the exhibition Jet Expo 2016 in Moscow will present successful programme of long-haul business-class large-cabin jet Falcon 7 x and 8 x. The event will take place on the premises of business aviation Vnukovo-3 with 8 on September 10, 2016 onwards.

On static display Jet Expo will feature two trehdvigatel’nyh jet aircraft: the flagship family of Falcon 7 x and long-range Business Jet Falcon 900LX models. Particular attention will be paid to the new model Falcon 8 x with ultra high range, commissioning which is expected in the near future. The model was certified in June, aircraft deliveries will begin in a few weeks.

Dassault is a leader in premium class business jet segment in Russia and the CIS. Over the past 10 years, the company has supplied customers in this region more than 50 Falcon business jets, most of which-trehdvigatel’nye long-haul jet aircraft Falcon 7 x and the Falcon 900. With the last exhibition Jet Expo in September 2015 year Russian clients was transferred more than five new Falcon 7 x, four of which-in the first half of the year 2016. Before the end of the year to customers from Russia is scheduled to put a few more business jets 7.

“This year the Russian market noticeably stand out against the background of a general lull in business aviation segment. Activity in the region was at a good level, and we’re optimistic estimate short-term and long-term prospects, especially when the economy is once again entered into a period of growth, “said Gilles Gauthier (Gilles Gautier), Vice President of Dassault Aviation Falcon sales.

A wide network of small and remote airfields, seldom-used passenger airlines, as well as a large number of businessmen, professionals and individuals who need to travel long distances as across the country and abroad,-all this makes Russia a perfect market for business aviation.

“Falcon business jets, with their spacious, quiet rooms and lounges and incomparable reliability, as well as the possibility of exploitation on small airfields, ideal for this market,” said Eric Trapp’e (Eric Trappier), Chairman and ceo of Dassault Aviation. In particular, this applies to our trehdvigatel’nyh models, which provide additional safety and reduce flight time for Russia, which is known for its great distances and often harsh conditions. And no other Falcon had not adapted to the difficult conditions of this market better than the new Jet’s Falcon 8 x with ultra high range.

Falcon 8 x, which will be operational in the coming weeks, could cover the distance in 6 450 m. miles/11 945 km. This aircraft has the longest Salon of the Falcon family, and is characterized by the same low operating costs and high operating flexibility, as the Falcon 7 x, on the basis of which it was created. 8 x is able to make a nonstop flight from Moscow to Los Angeles, Cape Town and Darwin or from Rio de Janeiro to Moscow. He can perform a landing in airports such as Gstaad, and Lugano, Switzerland, which are usually not available to large business jets.

The new flagship company Dassault also offers the widest choice of cabin configurations in business aviation. Space in the front of the aircraft can be used as an additional lounges, Salon also has a spacious seating area in the back of the cab, some options presuppose the existence of a shower. All this will be available in conjunction with the new revolutionary development of Dassault-the first in the industry to Head Up display FalconEye combining synthetic and expanded vision.

Russian operators already placed several orders for new flagship Falcon 8 x, the first of which will be handed over to the Russian buyer already in the year 2017.

It is also expected that Russia will become a major market for an entirely new model of Dassault-dvuhdvigatel’nogo Business Jet Falcon 5 x large-cabin class, which is currently under development. 5 x will offer the most high and wide salon on the market and range in 5 200 m. miles/9 630 km, which will directly and without refueling flight from Moscow to New York or Hong Kong S.A.R.. The first deliveries of the aircraft are scheduled for the year 2020.

Development of a network of after-sales support

Optimization of after-sales service is one of the main priorities of the company Dassault. According to recent studies, the company is an industry leader in terms of reliability of aircraft, as well as the quality and functionality of technical support.

To ensure Russian operators of after-sales services of the maximum(Supreme) class, Dassault has strengthened significantly in recent years and has expanded its regional service network. In addition to the satellite centre Dassault Falcon Services, which opened at Vnukovo-3 three years ago, the manufacturer plans to establish new spare parts depot in Vnukovo to further simplify distribution of components in Russia. The company has introduced a new post technical representative for the region, which will be based in Moscow.

In the past two years to Russian customers service was also provided to Falcon Response-new integrated AOG service company Dassault. Several operators have been able to resolve difficulties with assistance, promptly provided, using a Falcon 900. This Board can optionally be used as a backup, which is the first such service in the industry.




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