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The Dassault Falcon company will take active part in the LABACE-2016 exhibition which opened today. For the first time the new leader of the French producer – Falcon 8X will be presented to general public.

Acting in the run-up to the exhibition, the CEO of Dassault Falcon John Rozanvallon, told journalists not only about the new plane, but also the last to program news. Within two months certification 8X in Brazil (ANAC) is expected, and deliveries will begin at the beginning of the fourth quarter. As Rozanvallon the Brazilian clients told now ordered 20 planes. In view of that the Brazilian clients one of the first will receive new cars, the producer in addition invested in the service center Dassault Aircraft Services-Sorocaba (the largest in Latin America) $7,5 million for creation of a drain of spare parts and training of personnel.

As for production, 15 planes already are in the final stage at the plant in Merinyak (Bordeaux).

Being derivative of Falcon 7X, 19-seater business Jett received the extended on 1 m, 13-meter interior and the range increased by 925 km — 11945 km. Thus, he became the longest and long-range business Jett of the French producer. The program 8X was submitted on interior of business aircraft of EBACE-2014 in Geneva in May, 2014, soon after the announcement of the program of two-engine Falcon 5X. Business Jett is equipped with the advanced version of Pratt and Whitney Canada PW307D engines (pull-rod 5% more in comparison with PW307A at Falcon 7X). Dassault Falcon 8X will be equipped with the processed superefficient side panel from Falcon 7X. The design of a side panel was modernized to minimize the general resistance of the plane at a cruiser speed and to lose weight for 600 pounds. Also the side panel will receive the optimized cross-section and zakontsovka. These improvements considerably will increase upward force, and respectively will improve aerodynamic quality of the plane. Also the plane will become less stable, and it is good for aerodynamics as the horizontal stabilizer with a smaller installation angle is also resistance source. However relative instability is easily compensated by a computer control system.

It is expected that Falcon 8X it will be capable to fly up and land of the runway of long 6000 feet (1829 m) and to have the landing speed of 106 knots / 197 km/h (at Falcon 7X – 104 of knot). As Falcon 7X, the new plane is capable to carry out abrupt calling with a corner to 6 degrees that will allow it to land at the complex airports.

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