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FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) is a universal platform of communication for crew from the Satcom Direct company. It provides a reliable, cost-efficient data transmission channel with the numerous adjusted functions and additional services. FDF – the only service of data transmission providing integration of communication between a cabin of crew and salon and allowing to use connections with the leading international services of planning of flights worldwide. The service FlightDeck Freedom is completely compatible to all producers of aviaelectronics and aircrafts. FDF uses the technology of data transmission which is specially intended for business and military aircraft worldwide.

What is FlightDeck Freedom?

FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) is the data-transport service offered by the Satcom Direct company for crew (also known as ACARS). Being connected to the Inmarsat, Iridium and SITA VHF networks, clients have an opportunity to load plans of flights from the majority of services of planning. FDF also provides to flight crews direct access to information on a condition of communication systems and consumption of a traffic in salon, and also a straight line with Satcom Direct support service.

What information is provided by FlightDeck Freedom?

FlightDeck Freedom provides to crew access to digital ATIS, information on weather at the airport, about winds on a route, provides graphic display of weather conditions, a possibility of loading of flight plan, permissions to take-off, oceanic permissions, and also receiving and sending e-mail aboard. Dispatchers and land personnel can trace aircrafts by means of reports on take-off/landing, changes of a route of flight, notifications on an estimated time of arrival and location worldwide, and also by means of the service SD Flight Tracker from Satcom Direct.

What avionics for data transmission is supported by FlightDeck Freedom?

FlightDeck Freedom supports all types of avionics for business aircraft, including Airbus ATSU, Honeywell AFIS, MARK II CMU, MARK III CMU, Dassault EASy, Gulfstream PlaneView®, Rockwell Collins CMU/RIU, Teledyne Controls TeleLink®, Universal Avionics UniLink® and Rockwell Collins Fusion, Bombardier Vision.

What main distinctions between FlightDeck Freedom and similar services offered by other suppliers?

FlightDeck Freedom allows clients to load freely plans of flights from services of planning, preferable to them. Satcom Direct interacts with the majority of services of planning of flights and is the only service provider allowing to load plans of flights of FDF also provides flexibility when using satellites of the VHF network as a data transmission channel. Provides transparency of a condition of communication in salon by monitoring of use of data.

How the service FlightDeck Freedom is paid?

The service FlightDeck Freedom is offered in the form of an annual subscription which includes an unlimited exchange of messages onboard the aircraft in the Inmarsat, Iridium and SITA VHF networks. This service does not assume any hidden payments.

Whether it is possible to trace location of my aircraft by means of FlightDeck Freedom?

Yes, all aircrafts using FlightDeck Freedom can be traced on the Internet, a mobile application or e-mail.

Whether the options GeoServices are available?

Yes. You can adjust the services GeoServices for definition of geozones and obtaining notifications on the basis of different parameters at the request of the client. It is possible to receive particulars having addressed in Satcom Direct support service.

Whether allows FlightDeck Freedom to use FANS/ADS/CPDLC security systems?

The aircraft has to be equipped with the equipment for support of these additional services in safety of air traffic control. Satcom Direct cooperates directly with suppliers of air navigation service for further expansion of interaction with security services through a data transmission channel in additional regions worldwide.

How it is possible to get access to calculations of Aircraft Performance Group (APG) through FDF for FlightDeck 360®?

Access to calculations of APG can be got by means of FDF request for data transmission, through the FlightDeck 360 application for iPad or from the website FDF Portal. Requests for data acquisition from the satellite by means of FDF provide calculations for a specific runway and mass of the aircraft. FlightDeck 360 allows users to request calculations for take-off and/or airport of destination. FDF Portal allows users to create new calculations on the basis of earlier created flight plan.

Features of FDF Portal
Possibility of management of lists of mailing for reports on take-off, landing and engine condition, and also reports of CAS/CMC;
Setup of the reduced system of teams for simplification of sending messages from an aircraft board;
An opportunity to designate the authorized officer for sending messages and e-mail aboard the aircraft;
The choice of unique services, among which automatic giving of permission to take-off, automatic confirmation of reception of advisory messages, and also other specialized onboard services;
Calculations for the analysis of a runway and emergency procedures from Aircraft Performance Group (APG).

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