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By purchasing your own business jet you gain your freedom that will remain unavailable to the customers of scheduled flights. Independence, flexibility and time saving is a true luxury associated with the privilege of buying and owning a private jet.

However, to truly take the advantage of a private aircraft owning, professional jet management is required. With our jet management we make sure that your aircraft and your crew will meet with the highest safety and quality requirements – guaranteeing a strict and clear cost management.

JetSpectre helps those customers to focus on the essentials –  next business meeting, a weekend with good friends, holidays with the family. For that reason your satisfaction and security comes first.

Moreover you will get:

  • Searching for available jets all over the world
  • Surveying the market and providing a report on models available
  • Providing a recommendation for the most suitable models available
  • Inspecting and evaluating the condition of a jet
  • Arranging and conducting any test flights required
  • Representing our client in making jets offer
  • Negotiating the purchase price on behalf of our client
  • Establishing a contract between the seller and our client
  • Providing pre-purchase technical inspections on behalf of a client
  • Providing independent professional valuations of a jet on the market

JetSpectre offers you all the benefits of owning an aircraft, without the responsibility and overhead of an in-house flight department. Owning and maintaining the aircraft is both costly and time consuming, Jet Spectre’s Management Program is designed to maximize your Aircraft investment by relieving you of the day-to-day expenses and responsibilities associated with Aircraft ownership. Our team of experienced professionals will manage your flight planning, scheduling, accounting, maintenance, operations, while overseeing every trip detail so that your next travel experience will be virtually effortless.

While choosing the plane it is possible to take two essentially different ways.

The first — the choice of the exact model or even the exact plane just because it “is pleasant”. The second – the weighed analysis and comparison, studying of all features and the choice of option, optimum with the majority of indicators.

Future owner, first of all, has to answer some simple questions:

  • How often he will use the plane for own flights?
  • Whether the plane will be used only for the personal or corporate purposes or will be leased in free time?
  • Its flights are predicted or spontaneous?
  • How many family members, close friends or authorized representatives will participate at the same time in flight, when
  • performing flight?
  • Destinations where the main part of flights are located?
  • Where will the plane be based?
  • What is the budget?

Answers these questions to define the choice of a class of the plane – a combination of flying range, capacity and cost.

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Comparison of parameters of interior

We will consider what conclusions can be drawn from parameters of interior at primary assessment of the chosen plane, for example Learjet 60XR. Length of a passenger cabin — 3,89 m, in other words — 6 steps. Height of interior — 1,74 m. Average height of the man according to Goskomstat of the Russian Federation makes 1,76 m, that is the passenger won’t even be able to pass average height on interior without having bent down. Passengers in flight are served by the stewardess – gives food, drinks, fruit. Perhaps, at selection of stewardesses it is necessary to consider their growth. The greatest width makes 1,81 m, on a floor — 1,16 m. Depth of the sofa or chair standing along interior makes not less than 60 cm. It means what at two sofas or chairs standing opposite to each other pass width along interior will make about 40 cm. In total in interior of 7 passenger seats there are a 3-seater sofa and four chairs. It is also necessary to consider and quantity of berths. All planes of a business class is very comfortable, but at 6–7 hour flight a desire to have a sleep will be quite natural. Special attention in the analysis of configuration of interior should be paid to a luggage compartment. When performing flights from Moscow in the winter to the country with warmer climate and vice versa it is necessary to assume existence at least of one luggage place on each passenger. In the case under consideration the interior provides existence of two luggage compartments of approximately identical volume — on 0,73 CBM: an external luggage compartment — with loading outside the plane (from the street) and an internal luggage compartment — with loading from interior. The approximate size of each compartment will make: depth — 1,0m, width and height is 0,8 m. In each luggage compartment it is possible to put maximum three suitcases of the average size, and the skis should be brought to ski resort inside. We will consider indicators of loading of the plane. The maximum useful loading makes 825 kg. Enters the maximum useful loading:

  • weight of the stewardess;
  • passengers;
  • baggage;
  • weight of onboard food;

At the same time fuelling at the maximum useful loading will make 3 062 kg, that is half ton less, than full fuelling. It means that at full useful load flying range will be reduced almost by 700 km (about 16% of the maximum flying range). It should be considered when calculating number of passengers for each flight and planning of a route.

Comparison of flight technical characteristics

Among business class plane the main points are indicators of flying range, the maximum useful loading, fuel consumption and speed.

For the majority of planes flying range directly depends on useful loading (the number of passengers and baggage). Each producer specifies what loading the maximum range can be reached.

Range of non-stop flight of the plane has to be 25% bigger, than the distance to your typical destinations.

For the remote destinations (the USA, Maldives, etc.) flights with one intermediate landing for refueling are quite admissible. When flying by planes of average and even big classes similar “stop” will allow to take rest and warm up legs. However, it will involve small additional costs, and a little fuel consumption will increase about an hour of time (due to additional rise and lengthening of a route).

Flights over oceans require additional radio and navigation equipment which isn’t always installed as a basic equipment of the plane.

Long-haul and big planes are equipped with powerful engines which spend more fuel, especially at take-off and ascent. Fuel consumption with the cruiser mode is 30-40% less, than on take-off. It means that at flights on short distances average fuel consumption will be much higher than in the data of the Producer.

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Plane speed – important, but not critical parameter. Among modern business jets the maximum cruiser speed varies in repartitions of 10-15%. At 10 hour flight is an excess hour of time, and at 3-hour — only 20 minutes. As it was noted above, the ratio of cruiser speed and fuel consumption is much more important.

Runway characteristics — very important parameter which can “close” or “open” for you some airports that is very important when planning business trips.

In case of flights across Russia, and especially to the Areas of Siberia, important are such parameters as:

Strength and endurance of the chassis — not a secret that quality of runways leaves us mure to desired.

Frost resistance. Readiness of the plane for a departure after the parking on a frost is defined by a set of systems: electronic flight navigation system, heating system, anti-freezing system, possibility of discharge and gas station of water, etc.

Restrictions in operation of the auxiliary power plant (APP) and the gear of start of engines.

Further, at the choice of the plane of this or that class, similar or more detailed analysis needs to be made not only on all schoolmates, but also on some planes of other classes adjoining in the parameters on the considered class.

Before decision-making it is necessary to inspect the “live” plane of the chosen version. To inspect an exterior and an interior, to sit on a sofa and in a chair. Whenever possible to use a toilet. To inspect luggage compartments. Any description of the plane won’t be able to replace visual inspection. An ideal opportunity to look and compare at once many planes is provided by exhibitions: European EBACE exhibition; Dubai Air Show, JetExpo in Moscow, Farnborough International Airshow, the American NBAA.

Producers sometimes organize demonstrations of concrete models for potential buyers. It is also possible just to order a charter flight on the chosen plane type.

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