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The Comlux company has increased park of the business jets available to performance of charter flights, having included in it new 13-seater Bombardier Global 6000 (2016). The airplane with board number 9H-GFI will be based in Germany and Russia. Comlux operates all line of Global family now – Global XRS/5000/6000 are available to charter flights (9H-XRS, 9Y-AFR and 9H-CIO, respectively, with basing in Geneva and Almaty).

Now business jets of Comlux are registered on Malta and Aruba. In September, 2013 the Swiss holding Comlux Group where Comlux Malta enters, declared moving of the headquarters from Switzerland on the island of Malta. “Malta which unlike Switzerland is the member state of the European Union (EU) can offer more flexible terms on performance of flights within the EU, and also will be able significantly to simplify a number of legal procedures at emergence of disputed issues. The most part of air park Comlux Group is registered on Malta. Besides, TOIR, flight training and land service specialists are concentrated in the same place. In Zurich there will be only heads of the company for the general management and coordination of business processes”, – comment in Comlux Group.

Global 6000 represents the updated and branded Global Express XRS airplane which has entered the market in 2004 as the improved version of the initial Global Express certified in 1998. With transition to Global 6000 the Bombardier company has built a uniform branded ruler from Global 5000 (the shortened version with smaller flying range) through Global 6000 to Global 7000 and Global 8000 – new business jets of an ultradistant class which have been officially announced in October, 2010, and their entry into the market is expected in 2016 and 2017 according to. When Bombardier masters simultaneous production of all four models of Global family: 5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000, the company will be able to provide to customers the choice of airplanes with range from 9630 to 14630 km.

For today Global 6000 has the biggest size of salon among all airplanes which are specially designed for application in business aircraft. In three departments of salon 15-16 passengers can accommodate with comfort. Many airplanes have a private cabin in a tailpiece of salon, many are equipped with onboard kitchen in front part of salon and practically in all there is the second toilet in front. The airplane with the typical equipment is capable to transport 10-11 passengers, with completely filled tanks. At a cruiser speed 0,85M the maximum range with 8 passengers makes 11112 km.

Comlux Group – one of leading companies in the market of charter VIP-services which is carrying out activity worldwide and providing the high quality standards and reliability. In addition to charter transportations, Comlux offers a full package of services for VIP clients who have own airplane including services in management and service of the aircraft. This package includes services in exclusive management of the aircraft, consulting concerning acquisition and sale, design and the equipment of salon, and also service in technical maintenance and engineering.

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