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In 2016 Gulfstream Aerospace will hold a comprehensive complex of events for technical support of customers, including the week conference of operators and suppliers held two times a year, two meetings of advisory council of customers (Customer Advisory Board – CAB) and nine forums of operators.

The forum of operators which will take place on February 18 during the Singapore air show will become the first action. At forums of operators the news in the field of technical maintenance and operation covering the questions connected with a condition of fleet, updating of documentation and technologies, management of process of technical maintenance, technical training of personnel and technical bulletins preparing for release are covered. Besides, the company does reviews of services of technical support of the fleet that operators could use all available offers.

“Forums of customers which we hold within a year allow us to keep in contact with our customers and to discuss with them questions which can affect safety and coefficient of technical readiness of fleet”, – the director of Gulfstream of relationship with customers Tim Staynkhauzer (Tim Steinhauser) has told. “Last year our group has traveled over 17 cities worldwide and has given to operators an opportunity to communicate to even large number of technical specialists from the Savanna by means of sessions of direct link through our studio of telecasting Studio G. By means of this advanced technology we have provided direct contact of our groups of technical support, programs and design with customers around the world”.

The main partners in sale of regional and national levels participate in forums at which time for questions and answers is allowed. At many international forums the company provides participants with a translation service.

CAB gathers two times a year. The meetings planned for March 7-9 and on August 29-31, 2016 will become approximately for 100 operators Gulfstream a professional forum where they will be able to meet the senior management and personnel of the company and to express the opinion on airplanes and services of technical support.

“Last year we have passed to a format from five committees oriented to separate models of airplanes, and one committee devoted to interior questions and have received extremely positive comments, – Staynkhauzer tells. – We will continue to work in this format as it gives to operators an opportunity to concentrate attention on the questions relating to their models”.

Conference for operators and suppliers will take place on June 6-9 in World Trade Center and the conference center in the Savanna. This action which in 2014 has brought together over 1500 customers and suppliers is devoted to safety issues, operation and technical novelties and intended for all personnel participating in operation of the Gulfstream airplanes. It also serves as a forum for exchange of information and ideas between customers, gives expanded opportunities for vocational training and is urged to raise degree of awareness of personnel in the field of safety and technical readiness of airplanes. At conference products and services for all models of the Gulfstream airplanes are shown and the amplest opportunities for communication open.

Actions of Gulfstream for technical support in 2016

Forums of operators

  • On February 18 Singapore
  • On February 23 Beijing
  • On March 29 Wang-Nays, State of California
  • On April 13 Shanghai
  • On May 25 Geneva
  • September (exact date will be reported later) London
  • September (exact date will be reported later) Vienna
  • On November 2 Orlando, State of Florida
  • November (exact date will be reported later) Whyte-Pleyns, the State of New York

Advisory council of customers

Carrying out time: On March 7-9 and on August 29-31

Venue: Savanna (State of Georgia), World Trade Center and conference center

Conference of operators and suppliers

Carrying out time: June 6-9

Venue: Savanna (State of Georgia), World Trade Center and conference center

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