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Company CAE begins the validation process of the new curriculum, which is designed to be used for the collection and analysis of data, which should provide a more objective approach to the training of pilots. According to the President of the CAE, Liontidisa Nickname next generation training system is one of a number of initiatives that CAE touts, as this will increase the company’s presence as a provider of training.

Other solutions is a training program for the withdrawal of aircraft from the complex spatial position and stall and new training platform.

Next-generation training system that will be installed on the machine, allows the client to collect pilot data and compare it with those of security.

“Historically, the work of pilots evaluated very subjective,” says Nick Liontidis. “We give trainers a way to do it objectively. Today’s technology-analysis of large data-serious innovation, and we can and intend to use it to create measurement and data collection system, which will help maintain a high level of training.

Canadian company CAE (Canadian Aviation Electronics) is a major supplier of products and services in flight and maintenance personnel training operation, maintenance and repair of aircraft.

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