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Bombardier Business Aircraft (Business Division Bombardier Inc.) in 2016 year put customers 163 business aircraft, including Learjet 24 70/75, 62 Challenger, Challenger 605 26 350/650 and 51 Global 5000/6000. These figures by 18% below results achieved a year earlier, when Canadian producer handed 199 planes (32 Learjet, Challenger 68 300/350, 25 Challenger 605, Challenger 850, and one Global 73).
In the year 2017 Canadian producer plans to issue 135 business jets that reflects adjustments of production volume business jets family of Learjet. It is expected that the peak supply aircraft Challenger and Global families again in the third and fourth quarters, but the breakdown of families currently provide is not possible.
As regards the supply of Learjet, the manufacturer has now only 10 orders. In the year 2016 for the first nine months to transmit customers only 13 cars and only the fourth quarter slightly improved picture (11). However, Bombardier will adjust production of the Learjet, but kids do not calls. In December the manufacturer planned to pass in the year 2017 150 airplanes and now this figure decreased to 135, and 15 vehicles will be reduced production Learjet.
Any further reduction makes the Assembly operations Bombardier Learjet in Wichita, Kansas, is even more precarious. After the cancellation of the program the Learjet 85 last year and last deliveries of Learjet 60XR in 2015 year Learjet 75 remained the only airplane, where in Wichita.
President and ceo of Bombardier Alain Bel’mar believes that the coming year will be a turning point for the producer, when new market business jets reach the bottom.




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