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A network of technical centres of Bombardier Business Aircraft held for over 75 120-month heavy inspections on business-jets family Global . Currently, worldwide Governments, equity and Charter operators and private owners, operating more than 700 aircraft Operated Park. this family of business jets fulfilled approximately 700000 landings and flown about 2 million hours.

Execution of Bombardier Business Aircraft, more than 75 heavy inspections on planes Global Leadership Network demonstrates the company’s service centres in providing heavy maintenance Bombardier. 120-month inspection is one of the most significant events in the life cycle of the aircraft, which comes through ten years of operation and requires complete disassembly for a detailed inspection of the fuselage, the superstructure and chassis. Owners can also during the inspection order additional work, such as painting, installation and modification of avionics and communications, as well as an updated Interior.

Network of service centres Bombardier Business Aircraft consists of seven native objects and 15 mobile response units worldwide, which are equipped to support your business-jets families Learjet, Challenger and Global. Bombardier Business Aircraft customers also have access to a network of nearly 50 authorized service centers worldwide.




Russia, St-Petersburg, Efimova 3.
US, New York, Plattsburgh.





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