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The Canadian aviaproducer of Bombardier in the current year will lift in air the new business jet of Global 7000. Have told about this BizavNews in the company. “In the current year the airplane will surely go to the first flight. Pilot copies of Global 7000 are already almost ready now”.

Bombardier applies hi-tech measuring tools in all production of assembly of airplanes of the Global 7000/8000 program. On the line final assemblies in Toronto the modern automated system of positioning which is applied when joining a wing with a fuselage is installed. This system uses laser positioning for permanently exact mounting of nodes of the airplane. However, do not hurry to designate date of the first flight of Bombardier Global 7000 in the company, referring to a konfiditsialnost factor, and the most important – reactions of the market. As for the beginning of the test program and certification, Bombardier promises dates to call closer to the fourth quarter of the current year.

As comment on Bombardier, in addition to technology of laser positioning key feature of the line of final assembly is also the hinged drilling robot which with a high accuracy and repeatability does openings under rivets and chamfers on nodes and sections of a fuselage. The purpose of the company is use of robots for a klepka in an automatic mode when joining the main sections of a fuselage.

The company has already tested 40 systems and has put more than 30 different test stands into operation. Besides, the producer has received the first 10 Passport engines.

The announcement of the program of family of ultradistant business jets of Global 7000 and 8000 has taken place in September, 2010. Global 7000 and 8000 have identical GE Passport 20 engines draft of 16500 pounds. Global 7000 by the sizes more than the fellow also has rated range of 7300 nautical miles (10 passengers, crew from four people and speed 0,85 Moves). Shorter Global 8000 will fly on range of 7900 miles under the same conditions, but with eight passengers.

In a cabin of crew the Rockwell Pro Line Fusion complex and side control knobs instead of traditional steering wheels will be established. Nevertheless, Bombardier does not report about whether handles electronically will be connected among themselves as they on new G500 and G600 of the Gulfstream company, or will independently move, as by the Airbus airplanes.

Global 7000 has received the biggest salon in a business class, and Global 8000 – the increased flying range. If 7000 transports ten people without refueling from London to Singapore, from New York to Dubai or from Beijing to Washington, then 8000 with eight passengers onboard will fly from Sydney to Los Angeles, and from Hong Kong or Mumbai to New York.

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