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Japanese Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF), which including and is responsible for the transportation of the country, received the first of two ordered Boeing 777-3SB (ER), who went into the center of customization in Basel to install VIP Interior and special equipment. The second aircraft will be received in the middle of next year. Both sides will come to replace two operating Boeing 747-47 c, which were delivered in 1992 year. Jumbo is the main VIP transport for guide of Japan (Emperor, Prime Minister and other officials).

Provider for installing new interior is the company AMAC Aerospace. Now AMAC Aerospace now owns one of the biggest aviation systems in Europe. The company at the airport of Basel has four hangar (28280 sq. m.) to maintain all types of aircraft, including the Airbus A340, Boeing 777 and Boeing 747-8 (for this type of service, the company received a certificate Part 145 in November 2012). Total apron area and workshops is 85000 sq. m.

AMAC Aerospace was formed in the year 2007 and is considered to be the most fast-growing company in the field of business aviation aircraft. Although the data on the turnover of the company are not published, according to unofficial estimates he has exceeded 1 billion. Swiss francs. As experts say, the success of the Aerospace ORDER is largely determined by the concept to gather under one roof the optimal number of services necessary for the operation of business aircraft, and thus make life easier for their owners. With emphasis on reliability and quality, as evidenced by the motto-Swiss Excellence in Business Aviation. High degree of universality is manifested by the presence of the Aerospace ORDER she has certificates on the maintenance of Airbus, Boeing, Gulfstream Aerospace, Bombardier.




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