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The British Aerospace company has excellent reputation of the producer business jets fine quality. Now the brand offers in the market of planes of a luxury class new model — Avro Business Jet Explorer representing the corporate version of the regional plane under the name Bae 146/Avro Regional Jet.

In spite of the fact that the first flight has made the plane in 1993, he remains to one of competitive aircrafts of the world also now, providing the platform for courageous design decisions.

The concept of salon and fuselage of the plane has been specially developed by the British firm Design Q and provides existence in back part of salon of the moving-forward Air Deck platform by means of which, without descending from a plane ladder, the lord of the aircraft will be able to enjoy picturesque landscapes of the surrounding nature or in the fresh air to taste culinary delights.

In fact it is one of the first decisions which is safely borrowed from a luxury segment of a modern yakhtostroyeniye. To clean a platform doesn’t make special work, having pressed only one button on the panel.

Aboard in magnificent conditions will be able to take place in four 2-seater cabins to eight the invited guests or four guests will occupy four VIP-cabins allocated for them. Each of cabins is equipped with own system of entertainments with 17-inch flat television panels from a high definition of permission.

Besides, in exclusive style onboard the liner the study of the lord of the aircraft, salon with With-shaped sofas if necessary transformed in a 2-sleeping bed and a lunch zone, wardrobe, a shower and the toilet room is issued. Here for fans of literature the small library is placed. The interior of the plane is generously decorated with white marble, excellent manufacture of light tones genuine leather.

The crew from two pilots for the aid to whom the radio-electronic complex as a part of the ARINC 700 and Rockwell Collins CNLS equipment is provided is necessary for management of business Jett. In addition to him RDR4A meteoradar is established.

The airliner is equipped with four turbojet double-circuit Honeywell LF 507-1F engines possessing draft in 27,3 kN everyone. Flying range of an airliner depending on filling of salon makes 5000 km.

The chassis of the plane is developed in such a way that allows to sit down on unprepared runway platforms or the shortened runways.

Developers estimate so interesting model of business Jett at the sum of $26 500 000.

Author: Egor Vetrovsky

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