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That should be in every airport? The runway, control tower and, of course, the duty free shop. Geneva airport decided to go ahead and acquired software “GVA Dictator Alert”, accurately and on time is opened informing about the landing of the aircraft with the dictator. The program is developed on open standards software and can announce the arrival of another “father of the nation” through the social network Twitter.

What do the Belarusian dictator with a vampire? Both as fire fear transparency, public interest and generally all publicity and it is in this direction and work for several years, journalist-François rassledovatel′ Saw (François Ticket) and his colleagues at reporterskomu unite “vesper. media» .

These data in the automatic mode is read based on list of the approximately 100 aircraft, of which at least 20 registered for dictatorial and other malosimpatičnymi. Worth only one dictatorial planes — generally, the private plane of the format business aviation, is landing at the airport of Cointrin (Geneva), as the program automatically the same through service Twitter , sends “a disturbing notice.”

The system originally developed by journalists, addressing issues related to fraud and business interests of the President of Equatorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo (Teodoro Nguema Being Meeting). The President, he became in 1979 year in a military coup overthrew the dictatorial regime of his own uncle, Francisco, and by 2003, he had already announced that “is like God in heaven” and is “in permanent contact with the Almighty”, possessing “with power over people and things.

It is clear that every self-respecting God has to have “close business contacts and interests” in Geneva. “They do we have world champions. The clan Obiang accounts for approximately 30% of all sent our robot notifications and such indicators cannot be explained by any diplomatic relations, no matter how busy they are, “says François.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of the canton of Geneva in the year 2016 began a formal investigation into relationship Teodorina Obiang, the dictator’s son, who is so behind a solid business career that the investigation against him (mostly on charges of corruption and money laundering/legalization) recently was started back in France. There is evidence that some of what he earned back-breaking labour, t. Obiang could move to Switzerland.

Of course, journalists agency “vesper. media interested in the actual airplane dictator and his movement. They want to be immediately aware if someone from the clan lands again unexpectedly Obiang in Geneva, taking into account the fact that fly these people in Switzerland are clearly not in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We remind that Geneva is the capital world of espionage, as well as renowned financial centre.

“With regard to combating the departure tax and laundering of criminal capital, Switzerland already has achieved a lot in the relationship with the rich countries of the” first world “, but the third world state yet somehow in this regard remained in the background,” criticizing Francois Piła (François Ticket).

Developed robot software says nothing about why passengers dictatorial side arrived in Switzerland. “So the challenge every time to ask myself this question lies on our shoulders,” said the Swiss journalist, according to which most sit in Geneva and fly planes from Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. And judging by the below Tweet soon turns out to be under the gun from them and Russian direction.

What should be considered dictatorial regime? In the journalists ‘ vesper. media rely on regularly updated list published by “the Economist intelligence unit, the Special Branch of the rassledovatel′skim Edition of the famous British Economist. They very much hope that soon the same their robots to work at airports in Paris, London or Zurich.

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