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At Bombardier in 2015 sales and deliveries were reduced

The Canadian aircraft manufacturer of Bombardier in 2015 has given to clients to 5,2% less aircrafts, than in 2014. In total last year the company has put 275 planes against 290 the previous year.

As for a segment of commercial aircraft, in 2015 clients have received 76 cars against 86 boards in 2014 (–11,6%). The sales volume was even more significantly reduced: the number of firm contracts for last year has fallen with 153 to 51 BC (–66,7%). Also the revenue of division — from 2,740 billion has decreased to 2,395 billion dollars (–12,6%). Meanwhile the loss under the article “EBIDTA to the accounting of special positions” (EBITDA before special items) has grown from 5 million to 66 million dollars (by 12,2 times).

In a segment of business aircraft last year the company has put 275 planes against 290 the previous year (–5,2%). The number of blank orders in 2015 was negative (–24 units), a toga as the previous year this indicator has made 129 boards. Cancellation of 143 firm orders has led to emergence of negative size in 2015. The revenue of division of business aircraft has also decreased — from 7,200 billion to 6,996 billion dollars (–2,8%). Also the profit of EBIDTA was reduced to the accounting of special positions — from 648 million to 492 million dollars (–24,1%).

Total income of Bombardier in 2015 has made 18,172 billion dollars against 20,111 billion dollars the previous year (–9,6%).

At the moment Bombardier experiences financial difficulties, connected including with implementation of the program of narrow-body planes of CSerises family. At the end of last year the government of the Canadian province of Quebec has decided to give support to the aircraft manufacturer of 1 billion dollars that that could finish certification of CS100 and CS300. Deliveries of these VS have to begin this year (for today Bombardier has received 243 firm orders for CSeries cars).

Besides, Bombardier experiences difficulties and because of an unstable situation in the market of business planes. Earlier because of weak demand for a business dzhety of Bombardier has suspended the program of creation of average business Jett Learjet 85. Also Canadian producer because of unnamed problems has postponed commissioning of business Jett Global 7000 for two years.

In November it became known that Bombardier has prepared the plan of restructuring directed to increase in profitability and generation of a stream of cash. In particular, in her framework the division of Bombardier Business Aircraft has refused a dealer network. It is expected that financial performance will improve within five years. Nevertheless, as it was reported earlier, Bombardier predicts that in 2016 the revenue and profit of the company will be lower, than it was expected. It is also connected with the decision to reduce output business jets Global 5000/6000 from 80 to 50 units a year.

Besides, within restructuring the company plans to lay off about 7000 employees during 2016-2017. However, it will be partially compensated by hiring of workers for expansion of production within other programs, in particular CSeries.

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