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The fifth flight copy of Gulfstream G500 (P1) has received a new livery and a passenger cab. Thus, already soon the airplane will be able to participate in the international exhibitions. Now on a jet mounting works of completely functional interior which is already used for testing of elements of salon, and also for integration of entertaining and service systems are finished. Tests for check of an interior will be carried out within 200 flight hours, a half of which is carried already out.

“We want to imitate all actions of passengers”, – Melissa Grant, the director of Gulfstream of a complete set says. “Having the flight copy of the airplane intended for testing of salon, our specialists and engineers will carry out checks of systems in flight and to look for opportunities for improvements. Testing gives us the chance to make Wednesday in salon which will surpass expectations of clients as we can fix problems before deliveries begin”.

The prototype of P1 will fly in the same types of missions to whom clients, as a rule, fly, including it will be high-speed runs, distant flights and flights at night. Stewardesses will also prepare good nutrition in kitchen and will try to gain the best impression how the airplane behaves in flight.

G500 belongs to new family of the G500 and G600 airplanes designed “from scratch” and now passes flight tests. The G500 airplane is capable to cover distance of 5000 nautical miles (9260 km) with a speed of 0,85 Moves or 3800 nautical miles (7038 km) with a speed of 0,90 Moves. The airplane is equipped with new PW814GA engines of the Pratt & Whitney Canada company with excellent fuel efficiency, the reduced number of emissions and the lowered noise level.

In addition to a revolutionary cabin of crew of Symmetry, G500 and G600 differ in the maximum comfortableness of a passenger cab and excellent flight technical characteristics. These airplanes can take aboard up to 19 passengers. The optimized wide passenger cab also provide the conditional height, best in the industry, – 1478 m on FL510 echelon – and for 100% the plenum ventilation that increases intellectual activity and working capacity at simultaneous decrease in fatigue.

Now five flight copies take part in the program of flight tests already (the general raid more than 800 hours). The first flight of the first pilot G500 has taken place on May 18, 2015. Gulfstream intends to receive standard certificates of the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA (FAA) and the European agency on aviation safety on G500 in 2017. Commissioning of this airplane is planned for 2018, and G600 – for 2019.

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