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The Canadian share operator AirSprint and the Brazilian producer of Embraer Executive Jets have signed the agreement on delivery of two business jets of Legacy 450 and an option for ten similar airplanes. Delivery of the first two average jets is expected in the fourth quarter 2016, and the beginning of implementation of an option is planned on the first quarter 2017. Now Legacy 450 passes process of certification in the ministry of transport of Canada which end is expected by the end of this year.

“Legacy 450 is important addition in our fleet which we expand and we develop”, – the president and the CEO of AirSprint James Elian has told. “With receiving this fall Legacy 450 we will be able to improve impressions of our clients, providing faster and nonstop flight in the big directions”.

In September of last year the producer has received from Federal aviation administration of the USA (FAA) the certificate of type on Legacy 450 business jet. A month earlier the similar certificate has been received in the homeland, in Brazil, and in October, 2015 the producer certified a jet in Europe (EASA).

In November, 2015 Embraer has reported about increase in flying range of Legacy 450 up to 5370 km that is 602 km more, than at the version of the airplane certified in August. This step is directed to strengthening of positions of the company in very competitive niche of average business airplanes. The first delivery of the updated version is planned for the third quarter 2016. The company reports that the modernization opportunity will be offered owners who have already received the Legacy 450. To increase flying range, Embraer will make “minor changes” to a wing design to install a bigger fuel tank, and will update the software of aircraft equipment. At the same time since 1166 the necessary take-off distance will increase to 1191 meters, and the maximum loading capacity will decrease since 1350 to 1325 kg. Other characteristics will not change.

The increased flying range of Legacy 450 will become on only 290 nautical miles less (537 km), than at bigger Legacy 500.

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