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The Airbus company has submitted in London the “clever” concept of the transparent plane of the future for 2050. The transparent membrane style embodied in the case of futuristic Airbus serves for the panoramic review when flying. And the truth, whether it be the fine night sky or blue over the head floating around clouds and the sun leaving for the horizon, all this beauty bewitches a look.

The bionic structure of the top part of the case imitating “bones of birds” on assurance of representatives of Airbus, is easy and will provide the high durability of a cabin. Also by means of the monitoring system there will be a possibility of adjustment of transparency of a cabin.

Developers have given the main effort to the maximum usefulness of salon for passengers. The plane is conditionally divided into three zones: “Vitalising” (for rest), “Interactive” (game) and “Smart Tech” (for work).

For example, sitting in a chair of the first zone you can use the holographic display for the solution of “land” tasks, and the built-in systems of massage and an aromatherapy will provide a necessary relax in flight.

For fans to have a good time the second zone will allow even to play virtual golf and 3D – games.

And at last, the third zone – in “Smart” will be an opportunity to conduct the presentations, to spend time with the maximum advantage for business or to satisfy individual requirements feeling as on Earth.

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