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The Airbus Corporate Jet Centre (ACJC) company enters the market of regular aircraft with new development for airlines of a first class – mini-luxury which has been certified only for private aircraft earlier. The cabin allowing to rise to the utmost is developed in own studio Creative Design Studio and earlier was established in ACJ319.

The mini-luxury has the area of 2,5 sq.m., and in this space the big seat which can be spread out in completely flat bed of 84 x 200 cm in size is established. This private space has been thought carefully over for providing the most convenient environment and equipped with several imperceptible places of storage, including the processed upper baggage compartment. Also in a cabin there is a 32-inch HD screen and a universal folding table which equally well is suitable for a lunch and work.

Now the Airbus subsidiary works on the concept of the similar decision for A380. “Our dialogue with clients has shown that such product can be adapted to regular airlines, taking into account their branding, culture and a route network”, – the head of Creative Design Studio Silvain Mariat says.

“Thanks to such approach, ACJC wants to offer more wide range of users the experience got on the VIP the market. Exacting passengers will be able to evaluate the most current technologies and innovations, at the same time airplanes of airlines will correspond to all strict rules and restrictions”, – the CEO of ACJC Joel Froujie concludes.

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