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The Swiss operator PrivatAir has signed the contract with a national carrier of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Airlines and its “daughter” of Saudia Private Aviation on service of runs along a route Jeddah (King Abdulaziz International Airport) – Riyadh (King Khalid International Airport). On a route the Airbus A319 airplane is involved in the configuration designed for transportation of 48 passengers. Maiden voyage is carried out on June 1.

The program has received the name Albayraq and is part of a strategic concept of Saudi Arabian Airlines “Transport Project 2020”. “It is some kind of bridge between Jeddah and Riyadh which has been created for the VIP of persons, top managers of large corporations which business demands private flights between two main towns of the country”, – Feysal Kayal, the managing director of Saudia Private Aviation comments.

The Airbus A319 airplane has received a livery of Saudia Private Aviation and will perform daily flights with a frequency of six flights daily in both directions. The contract is issued according to the scheme ACMI, PrivatAir provides the airplane, crew, technical maintenance and insurance.

The modern system of entertainment and Internet connection is provided to passengers of A319 in flight. The aircraft will be serviced in the private terminal.

PrivatAir has been founded in 1977 as division of group of companies of the Greek billionaire Yannis Latsis. In 1995 PrivatAir has received the Swiss air operator certificate. In March, 2001 the PrivatAir Group management company has been formed, and in the same month the airline has acquired the rights of ETOPS and Federal Aviation Administration of the USA for performance of passenger runs between Switzerland and the USA as the appointed carrier within “The agreement on the open sky”. These permissions granted the rights for unlimited number of runs between the countries across the Atlantic and Quiet oceans, and PrivatAir was the only charter airline in the world which has acquired such rights.

In December, 2012 PrivatAir became the active member of new European alliance AirClub which was headed by Christian Hatzh, the senior vice-president of PrivatAir.

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