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Preparation for acceptance begins with the receiving moment from the producer of the notification of the readiness of the plane. As a rule, the similar notice goes the Plant in 30–60 days prior to estimated start date of Scheduled Delivery Date.

Some producers demand providing the bank guarantee or other document from bank of the Buyer on his readiness to transfer the amount of final payment for the aircraft upon termination of Acceptance.

Anyway, the Buyer has to prepare everything for the immediate translation of final payment for the aircraft at once after signing of the Act of Acceptance.

Structure of the delegation directed to Acceptance:

The representative Vladeltsa — one or several entrusted experts, and are possible also the Owner.
Pilots (at least two) — are necessary for flight of the plane to the place of basing. It can be already picked up regular pilots, temporary pilots (free lance) or they can be “lent” at the Plant.
Inspector or representative of the aviation authorities of the country of registration.
The engineer is necessary for acceptance of technical documentation, and also check of the plane.
Representative of operator.
For all participants of delegation it is necessary to receive visas to all countries of a route of flight, to acquire air tickets and to reserve hotels.
The representative Vladeltsa has to have the confirmed powers (the power of attorney, originals of necessary documents, the press, etc.).

Procedure of Acceptance:

Check of a complete set of aircraft, its compliance to the specification and Contract of delivery (Contract). Existence and serviceable functioning of each onboard system or the blocks of the additional equipment installed according to the Specification, the Contract and additions to it is checked.
Quality check of production, finishing and coloring. It means that in the most thorough way each detail of the plane and an inner trim is checked and any marriage – is noted up to scratches or leaky adjacent surfaces.
Check of functioning of all systems of the plane and the equipment of passenger interior on the earth. All systems have to function regularly without any reservations — from the equipment of a pilot’s cabin to bulbs in a luggage compartment.
Test flight, check of functioning of all systems of the plane in flight in various modes. If necessary not one flight is carried out. For its carrying out it is desirable to accept the plane with the pilots and the engineer.
During acceptance shortcomings or misfits to conditions of a complete set and delivery can be revealed. After drawing up the relevant Act the Producer will organize elimination of the revealed shortcomings and conducting repeated check of aircraft, at detection of misfit or damage of aircraft.

As a rule, on elimination of the found faults no more than 3-5 days in the course of acceptance are allotted. In case of impossibility to carry out completions to this time new date of acceptance will be coordinated.

If acceptance drags on, the Representative Vladeltsa has to have powers for the solution of the financial questions connected with the made completions and finding of members of delegation at the Producer.

The inspector of the aviation authorities is necessary that even during acceptance to carry out an inspection of compliance of the plane of documentation to requirements of the country of registration. It allows to carry out necessary completions in the course of acceptance that will accelerate issue of the Certificate of the flight validity and the procedure of registration.

In parallel with conducting technical inspection receiving and an inspection of documentation aboard the plane is carried out:

Guarantee certificates aboard the plane, Avionics, Engines and AFU.
Set of documents on operation and service of aircraft.
Certificate of the Flight Validity.
uncharged property right to aircraft.
Acceptance comes to an end with signing of the Act or Certificate of acceptance of the put aircraft then the Buyer transfers the amount of final payment.
If for any reasons it is impossible to take away the acquired aircraft right after check, it is necessary to organize its storage.
Acceptance of aircraft even by good preparation can borrow from one to three weeks.
Forecasting of expenses on the initial planned period
Definition of structure of direct variable expenses




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