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The company Gulfstream Aerospace announced the completion of the first phase of development of a mobile application, which should help operators optimize flying Gulfstream aircraft activities.

A complement to the company’s Gulfstream PlaneBook application package for flight crews, new application Performance for (i) Pad allows the flight crew to Gulfstream G650 or G650ER quickly calculate accurate performance data to perform the take-off and landing, as well as replace the paper maps and hand calculations. Calculations are displayed in easy-to-read graphs, reducing preparation time and reduce crew workload, thereby improving their situational awareness and operational.

«Application Performance allows the crew to easily assimilate complex information as it is presented in a clear and simple Visual form “, – says Derek Zimmerman, President of Gulfstream on technical support. Precision data, intuitive Visual interface and Save time doing this application unique and invaluable “.

Application Performance uses approved by file weight modeling and alignment, allowing operators to quickly determine the takeoff and landing weight after entering the number of passengers, the number of cargo and fuel reserves.

Annex Gulfstream receives data about the airport in real-time. Also users can automatically receive weather data in real time, when you are connected to the Internet.

“One of the purposes of this application is to enhance pilot training,” continues to Zimmerman. “It will be International, FlightSafety our authorized training provider to improve visualization and understanding of key performance data and effects in real-time to modify these data at the airports and in the configuration of the aircraft.

The company plans to develop additional modules for applications, and future enhancements will include planning the cruise mode and the missions, along with an independent calculation of weight and alignment.

Application Performance is available in the Apple App Store for all users of the application PlaneBook G650/G650ER.




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